Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grateful for So Very Much

I love Springtime--so much beauty, so much newness.  I love the buds on the trees, the green grass (instead of that white stuff), and the birds singing.   And this little guy was in my tree today singing away ; )

And spring for me ushered in a new chapter in my life--On April 6, 1974, I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It's funny I don't have a picture of me at my baptism but I do remember what I wore--I don't know why, maybe because I laugh when I think about that dress--it was PRETTY SHORT!!!!

It's been such a wonderful 38 years.   First of all I am so grateful for my friend, Janice, who knew I needed the Gospel in my life.  As well I am so grateful for the friends who were there in the beginning (who are still friends today).  They taught me so much and have continued to teach me.  I feel so very fortunate that I had such great examples to lead me along.

I truly do shudder to think where I'd be today without the Gospel.  One of the things I really love is learning--and I think that even when I have been a member 68 years I WILL STILL BE LEARNING!!!

As I was preparing my upcoming talk, I came across a quote from Tad R. Callister's book, "The Infinite Atonement". He was writing about spiritual gifts.  He quoted 3 Nephi:  "Whatsoever things ye shall ask in the Father in my name shall be given unto you.  Therefore, ask and ye shall receive."  He then writes,

"Ask for what?  For help with all our needs, including those things that refine and perfect, chief among which are the gifts of the Spriit.  Hugh Nibley made this salient obseration:

"The (spiritual) gifts are not in evidence today, except for one gift, which you notice the people ask for--the gift of healing.  They ask for that with honest intent and with sincere hearts, and we really have that gift, because we are desperate and nobody else can help us...

"As for these other gifts--how often do we ask for them?  How earnestly do we seek for them?  We could have them if we did ask, but we don't.  'Well, who denies them?'   Anyone who doesn't as for them."

I thought about the gift of healing and how often I ask for that.  As I continue to struggle with this problem with my hamstrings, I finally asked my husband to give me a blessing.  (I know there is no quota on how many you can have but so often I think I just need to endure something ; )

After the blessing I was thinking about what I need to do.  I have been going to physical therapy and they have told me to apply ice and heat three times a day.  Do I do that every day?  No.  But I want to be healed.   I need to remember to be healed I need to  DO MY PART!!!!  I can't just expect the Lord to MAKE ME BETTER.

I am 23 weeks away from my first full marathon.  I need to start my training--really start it in another 4 weeks.  But before I can really start, I need to be running.  I have gradually started running and I'm grateful that I can do that.

So I will be spending more time doing the things I have been instructed to do by my physical therapist.  As well, I will pray for that gift of healing with confidence that I am doing my part.

And as far as the list of other spiritual gifts I am seeking, number one on my list is CHARITY.  And I appreciate so very much Elder Holland's talk from Conference.   If you could look at my notebook with my list of questions/concerns, you would see he answered my number one concern.  (And the other 3 questions/concerns I had were answered as well.)  I LOVE conference.

I loved when Elder Scott said, "The scriptures give eloquent confirmation of how truth, consistently lived, opens the door to inspiration to know what to do and, where needed, to have personal capacities enhanced by divine power. The scriptures depict how an individual’s capacity to conquer difficulty, doubt, and seemingly insurmountable challenges is strengthened by the Lord in time of need. As you ponder such examples, there will come a quiet confirmation through the Holy Spirit that their experiences are true. "  I know the scriptures are true and I am so grate for the peace they bring.

I am so very blessed to be part of such a wonderful family.

Sidenote #1:  Allan and I are off to see The Hunger Games tonight.  Looking forward to it.

Sidenote #2:  We received Elder Rob's release info in the mail.  Crazy.  Seems impossible we'll have him with us eight weeks from today.


Garden of Egan said...

I hope you heal fast. Training for your marathon is going to be amazing! You inspire me.

Glad you get to have a date night tonight!

Elder Rob coming home already! I was sure hoping I would get to run into him while he was here!

Love your thoughts about your talk. I hope you will share it.

Natalie said...

I always love the way you express your thoughts.

Hope your hamstrings heal very soon.

Hurray for training for your marathon.

How wonderful that Elder Rob has served so faithfully.

Love you.

Heffalump said...

You got baptized just a few weeks before my 1st birthday!

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so grateful my parents decided to embrace the Gospel and join the church a year before I was born. They were sealed one month before I joined the family. I too shudder to think where I'd be if they hadn't made that choice!

I wish I could be sitting in your Sacrament Meeting listening to your talk! I'm sure it will be AMAZING!

Cherie said...

Wow I cannot believe your missionary will be coming home - Didn't he just go out! What a blessed mama you are :-D

Congratulations on your Baptism Anniversary. That is funny about the dress.

Happy Easter!

Sheri said...

Good luck with your training and I hope you heal quickly!! Love your thoughts - I need to follow the advice of asking - I am way to prone to try and endure and find the way - I need to remember that it isn't ALL my part!!

ShEiLa said...

I love the photo! Great news that your son will be home shortly. I hear the Hunger Games was awesome... but the book was better... for some not all.


Nancy Face said...

What a beautiful post, and a lovely picture, too!