Sunday, April 8, 2012

Memories of Easter's Past

It's Easter and there haven't been any egg huts or Easter baskets--well, except the one I carried to Church with the treats for my Sunday School class.  I also had little plastic eggs filled with treats for those who answered my General Conference trivia questions correctly.

I'm so grateful for pictures that help me remember the fun times that we have enjoyed throughout the years.  Poor older kids, I don't have many pictures of them when they were younger ; (  So these start with 1984 and Heidi's first Easter--Gee, I wonder who REALLY ate that sucker.

A couple from 1986.  First I made them start early looking for their baskets ; )

And that backyard had lots of great hiding places.  Stephen helping Heidi.

I had to put this one on our family website--Easter 1987.

I really think Chris liked the chocolate--really he did.

Heidi dying eggs 1988--look at that smile ; )

So fun to celebrate with Neal and the kids--Easter 1994.  I really don't know why Heidi and Chris were so unhappy ; )  We left right after Easter to head out on a Spring break trip.

Dying eggs together 1996--our first Easter in Winnipeg.  I think we had to hide our eggs in the house--no way we could go outside to hunt for eggs.

Easter 1998--So fun--at least I thought it was fun ; )

Easter 1999--We all got together in Reno to spend Spring Break together.   Amanda, Kiah, and Josh. 

Easter 2003--some of their eggs were very creative.

Easter 2004.  

Easter 2005--it must have been tough dying them all by yourself ; )

He was always such a good sport about looking for his basket.  I had some pretty good hiding places.

In fact, speaking of good hiding places.  Don't worry, it was all cleaned out.  I would (I mean the Easter Bunny) would never give him something dirty ; )

And look at this little family--Easter 2007.  Drew, I'd cry, too, if I had to sit with THAT bunny!!!

This was Easter 2010.  Easter was General Conference Weekend and the Easter Bunny AKA Allan filled baskets for them.  What a guy.  And boy does that little Elder need a haircut OR WHAT!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter--we certainly did.  

Sidenote:  I'm only eight days into my self-imposed one treat a day 30 day challenge and I'M SCREAMING FOR CANDY!!!


Garden of Egan said...

Those are great pictures of all those Easter pasts!
It all just happened yesterday didn't it?

Natalie said...

You are so good at documenting everything.

The pictures of the kids are so cute. You do have such a nice looking family.

Yes, it did just happen yesterday. How did today come so fast?

It will be great to see your little Elder again. Can't wait to see pictures of that.

Valerie said...

Thank heavens for photographs! I always shed a small tear when I look at the pictures from the past and realize how quickly time sped by and how the kids are getting so grown up.
Can you believe I didn't take one picture this Easter? I have no idea what happened. I got nothing... nada. I know I'll regret that in about a week...

kierste said...

I always enjoy seeing your pictures from the past--it reminds me of how important it is to take pictures now, and how grateful I will for them later.

Happy Easter, my friend!

Connie said...

Such fun memories and great pictures. And yes, that bunny costume is scary!

Nancy Face said...

This collection of pictures is so much fun! I especially love the ones with the babies - oh, the cuteness!

Zach has been dyeing eggs by himself for some time now. He misses "the sibs" and loves it when they come over!

I gave up sugar in early October, so the only candy I ate was some sugar free stuff made by Russell Stover. It tastes surprisingly good when you're deprived, HA!

Heidi said...

Oh--great times;) Thanks for always making it so fun!