Friday, April 13, 2012


I am feeling a little nostalgic today.  It is my little Elder's 21st birthday.  I was hoping for a photo CD in the mail so I'd have some new pics to put here, but nothing.  Here's a picture from October.

Before I put pictures from his growing up years, let me share a favorite story:

The day he broke his leg.  A couple of great stories from this.  First, when the school called, the secretary said, "Mrs. Rob...this is C-wood Jr. High, the ambulance is on it's way.  We think Kyle has broken his leg."  When I got to the school I suggested in the future it might be better to reverse what they told me.  Second:  When we got to the hospital and Allan got there they had given Kyle a whole lot of morphine to deal with the pain (his bone was just about pushing through the skin).  Kyle was pretty much out of it.  Well, we waited for quite a while and Allan said something to the effect that they take those with injuries that are "life threatening" first.  Kyle immediately sat up and said, "LIFE THREATENING"????  And then immediately laid back down ; )

And then there are a few favorite Kyle words:  When he was little he couldn't say "actually" but would say actchickly--and even today we all say it that way whenever we use the word.  And the other word was electrocuted--he would say electroluted.  (Now, this is not a word we use all the time, but there is a booster station near our house and for some reason he would say, "That's where people go to get electroluted" ; )  And lastly, when we would come across the phrase "exceedingly sore" in the scriptures he loved it.  (I couldn't help thinking of him when Elder Cook gave his Conference Address about children reading the scriptures)

And, of course, who could forget his love for ssssssscccccccccchhhhhhhnakes!!!!

I guess he still loves them:

Now for more pics:

The day he was born.

Christmas long ago

An all-time favorite.  
Such a handsome little guy.

With his Tank at a piano recital 

First day of school

His baptism:

He was excited when Brent got his mission call to Arizona.  He was 13--the next 6 years sure flew by.

So glad to have the braces off

Sibling trip to Disneyland:

Lots of sports shots:

With Jaws in Hawaii ; )
His Senior Picture:
With his buddies at Grad:

I guess we'll have to put the trampoline back up when he gets home ; )

"Dancing" with Heidi at Amanda and Darren's wedding:

In the dorms at BYU

One of my favorite shots of Allan and the three youngest when we left him at BYU:

Loved running my 10k with him.  

Before taking him to the MTC, we stopped at the Mission Office. 

At the MTC with his proud Mom and Dad

I really need a good caption for this for when I put his mission book together ; )

It's still so hard for me to believe he'll be home in about 6 weeks.  It is going to be GREAT to see him again.  Sure love that boy.


gigi said...

What a great birthday tribute to your Elder. I loved reading it and seeing all his pictures.

Good luck with the waiting for the next 6 weeks!

Nancy Face said...

Great birthday post!

How could anybody love snakes? ;)

Lana said...

wow! happy birthday! he sure is a handsome young man :) don't forget, I have two single daughters at BYU (wink wink)

Heidi said...

Ahhh--my little schweetie baby;) I am excited to see him soon! Such great memories! Happy Birthday Elder--I sure love you!

Heffalump said...

I'm sure the next six weeks will fly by!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to a most handsome Elder. Sure do wish him the very, very best.

Valerie said...

He IS a very handsome boy! And he's very lucky to have you as his mom! Happy Birthday, Elder Rob! You survived your mission in the "wilds" of Idaho!

Garden of Egan said...

He is such a handsome boy! He probably forgot it was his birthday he is so busy.
The years fly by in a blur don't they?

I love all the pictures.

Connie said...

What great pictures of a great man! 21 years old!
Happy Birthday Elder Robb!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I was on Cherie Bakow's blog and saw your post on her sidebar, so came for a visit (I travel a lot so anything on traveling interests me:-) When I saw this post on your son, it really warmed my heart. He looks like a great kid. I am sure you will be so happy to have him come home in a a few weeks.

My husband and I will be serving as mission president/wife in Mexico starting in July. Seeing your post really underscored to me the responsibility we will have to watch over and protect the missionaries--who are all very much loved and missed at home.

Best wishes!

Roxanne said...

My favorite memory of Kyle and it still brings a smile to my face to this day was when he was in jr. primary and his father was dragging him out of sacrament meeting and he yelled DADDY don't spank me." One of my all time fav church memories. How wonderful all that training you get I could be taught by Bro, Elder Smith every week.
There is a melencholy with getting older the excitement at Easter isn't the same, the mystery at Christmas is gone.
So I relate to your comment on aging