Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day--and not just because I know in a few hours I will get to talk with my little Elder ; )  (This year we are not skyping.  He felt it would be too hard for him to focus the last couple of weeks of his mission if he skyped with us, and so that is fine with me--especially since I will see him in just 17 more days!!!

I love being a mom.   The thing that is so funny to me is as busy as I am right now, I wonder how I managed to get everything done when the kids were home and there was even more to do.  The other day I was visiting with my neighbor, who has two boys that Elder Rob used to play with when they were all little, and we were laughing about how busy we were back then.  But it was a GREAT busy.  Today I am busy with different things, things that are more about me.  Back then I was attending games, recitals, taking them to practice, taking them to visit their friends, etc.  I miss those times in the car, conversations at the dinner table, just having them and their friends here at home.  And, of course, Mother's Day when they were home--the cards, the things they made at school, and BREAKFAST IN BED.  This morning, Allan made me a lovely breakfast.

Today it is phone conversations, e-mails, facebook messages, texts, etc.  I miss the hugs, reading to them--having them read to me,  and the kisses goodnight.

I have to express my appreciation to all those who were such great examples to me.  I don't know where I would be without their tutelage.  Although I only had my mom for 13 years, I learned a lot from her.  And, Helen was there to teach me how to deal with teenagers--she had lots of practice because my sisters and I weren't the easiest group ; )  And, then there was my mother-in-law   I miss them all so much--especially on Mother's Day.

I know I have done a lot of things wrong, but none of my children can ever accuse me of not trying--maybe sometimes I tried too hard.  But at least they know I loved them.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mother's out there.  Hope you feel loved and appreciated.

Since it is Mother's Day, I want to put up a few of my favorite "mother" and "grandmother" moments--in no particular order.


Lana said...

happy mothers day!!!

Connie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Yvonne. Enjoy your visit with your Elder. Seventeen more days? Amazing and Exciting!
Love your pictures.

Nancy Face said...

Happy Mother's Day, my sweet friend!

The pictures are great, and I love your roses!

So exciting that you'll see your elder so soon! Hooray!

Today a young man in our ward gave his mission "farewell" talk. His brother will be returning home from his mission in the fall. His sister left on her mission just a few months ago. So that mom had one farewell talk and TWO missionary phone calls today! I hope they had lots of Kleenex at their house! ;)

Heffalump said...

Happy Mother's Day Yvonne!
Thanks for your sweet example to me! You are one of the Moms that I look up to and admire so much!

ShEiLa said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day Miss Yvonne!!!

Oh fantastic reunion with your son... oh it's coming so fast.

I love that Mother's get to talk with their missionary kids (some via Skype) on Mother's Day. The perfect gift for any Mother.


Betty said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best moms I know!!
Your breakfast looked DELISH!!

Oh, and you're down to 16 days! :-)

Sheri said...

Happy be-lated Mother's day!! I want to be more like you!! Getting excited for your Elder's return!!

Natalie said...

aLoved your trip through memory lane. You do the best posts.

Your reunion with your little Elder is almost here. So exciting.

Beautiful roses too.

Garden of Egan said...

The roses are lovely!
How exciting to have Elder Rob home so soon.

Didn't he just leave?
Where do the days go?