Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip to California

We headed to California to be there for B's graduation.  I was so glad that Kyle was home and could go with us.  It gave him a chance to see some of the family.  (Our original plan was to have a bit of a reunion so all of the kids could see him, but there were so many conflicts.  It still makes me sad that he hasn't gotten to see so many of them)

When we arrived in California on Thursday, we headed to the baseball field--after all it is THAT TIME OF YEAR and Stephen is coaching ; )

I was so excited when I heard a little voice call out, "Grandma!!!" and I see these two little beauties!!!  So fun.  It felt like forever since I had seen them.

Drew and I headed over to the playground so he could get on the swings and slides.

When the game was over it was time for hugs from the big brother to the little brother!!!  Glad to see each other again.

We went to In-N-Out.  Yummy as ever.  We then headed up to see Stephen and Daphne's new house.  It is lovely.  There is a lot of work to do, but they are working very hard to make it home.

Friday I had to do a long run--7 miles.  Kyle said he would run 4 miles with me, after starting out, he said, "I think I'll do 3 miles".  He did and then I ran the other 4 by myself.  We then ran some errands and then caught up a little later with Stephen and Daphne.  Kyle and B headed to the waterpark--it was a very warm day so I was a little envious ; ) Georgia had a great time playing in the water outside.  (Don't you just love her little headband Grandma brought her ; )

Stephen barbequed chicken and pork tenderloin and we had a lovely dinner together. 

The next day was the graduation.  Everything went well.   

I was happy to have a chance to meet B's girlfriend.  She is a real sweetie.

Stephen and Daph hosted a lovely gathering at their home to celebrate the graduation.  

The food was yummy--I especially loved these:

The next day we all went to Church together before some of us headed to Idaho for our little reunion.  We were so grateful that a good friend came to take some pictures of all of us.

I was very happy to get this picture of Allan and I with these grandkids.


The weekend flew by and it was time to head out for our reunion.  So glad that some of the gang was going with us.  

I can't wait to share all the wonderful pictures from our trip.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

He's Back!!!!

Before too many days get away from us, I thought I should write a little about picking up KYLE!!!!  So happy to see his "Tank"

It was so fun to sit and visit with him before dinner.  It felt so great.  The dinner was lovely.

It was so wonderful to be there to here these missionaries bear their testimonies.  Missions do such incredible things for young men and women.  This is the group that came to the Idaho Pocatello Mission two years ago.

And, of course, I was so happy to hear him play again.

We so appreciated President and Sister C.  They were so wonderful to him for the two years he was out.  

Thursday morning we picked him up.  We had to go back to the mission home and I got another pic of him with President and Sister C.  I love this picture of them.

We spent Thursday traveling around the areas where he served--Blackfoot, Arco, Idaho Falls, and Chubbuck.  It was so great to visit with some of the people--they seemed to love him--no surprise to me.

On Friday we had a couple of errands to run and then we headed to Utah.  I know Heidi and Brent were so excited to see him.  They made a sign for him.  His dad released him on Thursday morning, so this sign was appropriate.

On Sunday morning we got up and headed back to Chubbuck to go to Church in one of the Wards where he served.  So great.

We've had a great time hanging out, catching up, going to movies, eating sushi, listening to his stories, just being together.  

We left Utah this morning and headed towards California, with stops in Filmore and Ely, Nevada.

He wanted to learn more about his family history, so we stopped at a couple of cemeteries and while we were driving Allan shared all kinds of stories.  And he had his laptop and was typing in all the stories.  LOVE IT.  Here are Kyle and Brent listening INTENTLY while their dad shares information.  (Brent came up with us and then had to head back to Provo to go to work.

Having a BLAST.  It's so great to have him with us.  Looking forward to California for Brandon's graduation and then back to Idaho for a few days with some of the kids.  Sure wish all of them could be there.


Sidenote:  Trying to keep up with my marathon training.   My speed is REALLY improving.  At that pace I'll be done with the marathon in no time ; )

BTW:  I'm way behind on reading blogs--it may take me until I get home to catch up.  But, I will catch up!!!