Monday, July 30, 2012

The "Reunion": A Few Adventures

I can't believe I have let so much time pass by without an update.  I think my marathon training is getting the better of me.

We got up one day early in the morning and headed to Rexburg to go to the temple.  Unfortunately, Kyle was not feeling well and didn't make the trip.   It is always wonderful to be able to attend the temple with our kids.

I have been blogging with my friend "Betty" for quite awhile.  We have never had the chance to meet, but since i was not too far from where she lives, we were able to message each other and meet up.  She EVEN BROUGHT TREATS!!!!  It was wonderful to have a few minutes to visit.  She is as beautiful and wonderful in person as I knew she would be. 

She is an expert on Yellowstone and gave me lots of info because we were going to head there.  In fact, after we got back to our house, we packed up the cars and we headed to Yellowstone.  My dream TO SEE A BEAR.  (Unfortunately, it didn't happen ; (  But it was a wonderful visit.   I'll let my photos tell the story.

We saw a herd of elk and they were beautiful.

One of the things you learn as you are going through Yellowstone is whenever you see a car stopped it is usually because they have spotted an animal.  We found this little guy--notice he has a little treat in his mouth.

We stopped at the waterfalls and managed to get this picture of some of the kids.

Unfortunately  we got to Old Faithful just as she was doing her thing!!!  We couldn't wait around for her next scheduled showing. 

The next day the kids ended up going rafting--no, not "white water rafting", I'll let Heidi's description on the family website tell the story:

"Here we are before adventuring into the stiller-than-a-statue river for an exhausting rafting trip!;p They told us it takes 3 hours, but being competitive Robs/Fr**s we were determined to cut that in half and we did! We could not move our arms after, but we decreased the amount of suffering;p hee hee   Good times!"  BTW, I think we will razz Daniel for quite awhile about the black socks with his tennis shoes!!!

And, by the way, they tried to convince me they had seen this bear on their little journey--yeah, sure, they found  postcard in the gift shop ; )

I have to admit, I did enjoy seeing the guys fly fishing on the river.  They are definitely much more patient than I am.

I loved this shot I got of an Osprey nest--now that is one impressive nest!!!  Notice the male guarding the nest, and I'm assuming the mama was sitting on the eggs.  You have to really look to see her in there.

When we were on our way heading home, we passed this little lake that had some pelicans, and I couldn't help but think they were playing a little "how many pelicans can we get on this rock"?

The trip home was uneventful, but can I just say Kyle was THRILLED to be back on Canadian soil. 

We are having a great time having Kyle home.  Can't believe he will be gone again in less than a month ; (

Sidenote:  Marathon training is going well.  I just MIGHT make it.  I will be glad when it is over--the training and the marathon!!!  This week I have a 20 miler to run.  

Now one more thing, we had a freaky storm the other night and it knocked down our beautiful 35' pine tree.  We were grateful it didn't come through our window, or our neighbor's roof on their garage!  This is a shot of Allan and Kyle trying to get it off of our neighbor's driveway.  It was impossible and fortunately it wasn't in their way. 


Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great time! Sorry about the pine tree though... we had a storm come through one time and lightning struck the bottom of one of the trees. It threw the tree into the back of our pickup and through the back window! Scary stuff!!

ShEiLa said...

It is posts like this one that made me want to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

I enjoy reading about your life & travels.


Brent said...

I think that is sad to see the tree go down. That was a great trip to Yellowstone.

Nancy Face said...

The picture of the elk herd is gorgeous!

I am so sad you lost your beautiful tree! Once in a crazy summer storm a "microburst" hit my favorite tree and broke the trunk in half. That made us pretty sad. We planted another one in its place, and after several years, it's getting close to the same size as the one we lost!

Zach loves wearing black crew socks with his tennis shoes...psh! We all tell him they look foolish, but his friends wear them like that, so he thinks they're cool!

Heffalump said...

We see elk around here too. No bears though. If only I had bears maybe I could entice you to come visit this direction!

Neal said...

Great nature shots, by the way. Oh, and the people weren't bad either ; )

Betty said...

It certainly was a blast meeting you! I think we need to get together again soon! (Since we'll be living closer to your neck of the woods, I think Flynn is going to want to take a trip up there to visit his old mission grounds!)

Your pics turned out gorgeous! Sorry about no bears. Come back in the spring! We'll go with my friend who is THE BEST at spotting them! Maybe we can catch a wolf too!

I'm glad you had such a nice vacation! And HANG IN THERE with your training! I told Flynn you're doing this and he is as impressed as I am!! We'll be rooting you on when you run the marathon!

kierste said...

I've never been there, but have always wanted to--love the pictures.

So excited for your marathon...

Abaker said...

love love love all the animal pictures! They are so great!