Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brent

Today is Brent's 27th birthday.  Goodness, how is that possible???  When I did his first birthday post on the blog he was having his 23rd birthday.

He is a wonderful young man.  He is such a happy guy.  He is always so incredibly positive.  He loves movies--he is definitely the one I check with to see what his dad and I should go see.  He is a hard worker.  I am so excited that he will graduate from BYU next April.  He has worked hard. Some day there will be a lucky young woman in his life.

So how about for his 27th birthday I post 27 pictures:

Heidi was so excited when he was born:

At three months.  Heidi loves the little bit of drool on his chin ; )

This was a month before his first birthday.

Eating his first birthday cake:

One of my favorite shots of him:

With me at Christmas 1987.

With his brother, Stephen--one of my favorite pictures:

Another favorite, with his dad at the park:

Christmas with Heidi:

Preschool picture.  Isn't he a cutie???

Helping his dad right after Hurricane Hugo.

Another one of my favorites--with his brother Neal at Niagara Falls.

I remember when he had a surprise party in Missouri.  It was so fun.

With Heidi and Kyle before they head off for their trip to Disneyland.

Fun times at Christmas:

So excited the day his mission call came:

This picture still makes me smile:  "See you in two":

His birthday in the mission field.   So glad he had a cake!!!!

Graduation from LDS Business College.

With his nephew, Drew, in Hawaii:

This one always makes me smile.  Look at those cute kids and their daddy.  I'm so happy the kids are all back together again.  They'll have the best time!!!

I so love this picture that Macy took.  

He was so supportive to Kyle while Kyle was on his mission.  

Had so much fun when we ran our first half-marathon together.  He is such a great runner--I really wish he was running my full marathon with me!!!!

Love this boy!!!

A mother couldn't be any more blessed than I have been to have the privilege of raising this young man.  He has taught me so much and is such a blessing to our family.


SIDENOTE:   I ran 22 miles yesterday and IT WAS UGLY.  The first 20.8 miles were fine and then I had a really hard time.  I know part of the problem was my posture--I really have to work on it.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Did the Summer Go?

It is August 22nd and I sit here in my empty house wondering why the summer had to pass by so quickly.  Kyle left Monday and arrived safely in Orem last night.  It was so fun to have him here for the summer.  We played a little rock band, watched movies and just had fun hanging out.

He was such a sport to help me with a couple of shots for 365.

 It was hard to watch him drive away.

I have had a fun summer doing other things as well.  I joined the 365 project back in April and have had a lot of fun taking a picture (or more) every day.  I have spent a lot of time at Assiniboine Park taking pictures of the flowers and the butterflies and birds.  Here are some of my favorites:

I also flew to Texas to take care of G-Man and his little sister L while his mom and dad went to the Olympics.  And while on an early flight from Montreal (where Allan and I had gone to enjoy a dinner cruise (a business thing) to Texas, I captured this amazing view out my window on the plane.

I had a blast taking care of these little ones.  They are so cute.  I don't get to spend much time with them throughout the year so it was a real joy to get to know them better.  One of my favorite things was listening to G-Man as he would use his imagination while playing with his Legos and have adventures with them.  I learned a lot about Octonauts, Doc McStuffin, and I know a lot more superheroes than I ever did before!!!  I had a ball doing Motorboat in the pool with little L.

Here are a few shots from the visit

I was very fortunate to have Macy take me out one morning to the Wildflower Gardens and give me some photography pointers.  G-Man acted as my model (he's obviously had lots of practice). I was very happy with some of the shots.

When Macy got home we drove to Waco and met up for dinner with Chris and Heather.  So great to see them--it felt like it had been ages!!!!

It was a wonderful trip.

I am near the end of my marathon training--only 3 1/2 weeks to go until the marathon.  My blisters and toes are doing a whole lot better.  I have a 22 miler to run this Saturday--sure hope they hold up.

SIDENOTE #1:  Heidi had her last surgery near the end of July and everything is working!!!  YIPPEE!!!  She is back to teaching (just started a couple of days ago).

SIDENOTE #2:  Hope to update the blog a little more regularly.