Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marathon Training

We are 4 weeks away from my marathon and I have been reading everything about Marathon preparation.  (Probably should have read it all about 19 weeks ago when I first started training.)

I came across this list of eleven traits to develop for a successful marathon (from and I loved it:

1.  REALISM:  I loved this one because they suggested that:  “The fastest way to a successful marathon journey is down reality street”

2.  PERSPECTIVE:  Basically you need to remember there are no shortcuts.  Each workout leads to the next.  I laughed when the article said, "you'll know you are on your way when you use the words "only" and "6 miles" in the same sentence."  Goodness, how many times have I heard myself say, "You "only" have (5, or 6 or 7) more miles to go"  Never thought I'd say that!!!

3.  GRATITUDE:    I am so grateful for the family and friends who have been behind me on this journey.  I wish you could see what Allan does when I come home from my long runs--he stands there with my bottle of chocolate milk, takes my shoes and socks off, puts a fan in front of me--anything to help.  When I was ready to quit a few weeks ago, he wouldn't let me.  You really need support.  I got the sweetest note from one of my granddaughters the other day who said she wished she could come and cheer me on--I'll think of that as I'm running.  I know Heidi wanted so bad for me to go to Utah to run so she could be there ; )

4.  PROGRESS:  It is so fun to look at my charts and see how far I have come.  It really helps to know that there has been progress on this journey.  On my training schedule, each week that I have completed my training runs I have typed "YES" in big bold letters to remind me I DID IT and I AM READY!!!

5.  MINDFULNESS:  The article said:  “Every long training workout is an opportunity to rehearse for race day”.    I will never forget my friend, Randi, asking me before my first half, “What are you going to wear” for your race?  I thought it was a bit of a silly question and little did I know how important that question was!!!  I still remember my first 5 K back in Oct. 2009 where I had all my stuff laid out before I went to bed.

6.  PERSEVERANCE:  Oh, I can't say enough about that one.  19 weeks (and in my case 23 weeks) is a long time.  Every run has mattered.  Not every one has been easy, but I know each one has been necessary.  I appreciate my training coach who has reminded me to listen to my body.  I also appreciate his advice to go from 5 day a week training to 4 day a week.  The article suggested that “The key is consistency and keeping the momentum flowing”

7.  HUMILITY:  There have been plenty of training sessions that have been so hard and have me feel like I'm not ready, but I have learned from them.

8.  FAITH:  Something I don't understand is tapering, but everywhere I read how important it is.  In fact, this article said, "Tapering is to marathoning as sleep is to life"   It says you can't do last minute cramming.  They suggest you "occupy your mind and rest your body".  I trust my training coach and he is having me taper in a couple of weeks.

9.  REFLECTION:   The article says that as you get to the final weeks it is easy to experience feelings of sheer fear (yeah, I'm there).  It suggests those are the times to review your training logs and have faith in your preparation.

10  PATIENCE:  This one really interested me because I know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of everyone being there and get into the wrong pace.  They say it is better to be the tortoise rather than the hare--being the tortoise is definitely my style ; )

11.  CELEBRATION:  I love what it says about how "it is better to define your success by the magnitude of the accomplishment that the minutes on a clock".  I have always said all I want to do is cross the finish line standing up and with a smile.   Believe me there will be CELEBRATING WHEN I CROSS THE FINISH LINE!!! 

I know there are many people who seem to have a problem with kids getting trophies for participation--LET ME TELL YOU I CALLED TO MAKE SURE I WAS GETTING A MEDAL.  I WILL HAVE EARNED IT AND WILL GLADLY WEAR IT!!!

One thing I worry about is I need my playlist and this marathon discourages the use of iPods--they will let you those them, but they are discouraged.  I do appreciate my kids who have contributed to my playlist.  When I hear their songs, I will see their faces in my head and it will encourage me.


Betty said...

I am SO IMPRESSED that you're doing this! You are such an inspiration! I read your blog (and Connie's) about the races you run and I think that maybe... just maybe... I should get out there and give it a try. I guess there's nothing to stop me but FEAR!
And this list addresses those!

I know you have a HUGE list of family/friends/support behind you as you head to Wisconsin next month. And dang it! TAKE YOUR iPod!! (I would love to see a picture of Allan at the finish line holding a glass of chocolate milk for you! That's the sweetest thing!)

Heffalump said...

I really admire your good attitude and that you are following through on this. You are amazing!

Deena said...

Heff is right. You are amazing. You are right to take your iPod. How can anyone get through 26.2 miles listening to nothing but the sounds of heaving breath?

You can imagine us all running with you, cheering you on. I'll be thinking about you. xo

Heidi said...


Garden of Egan said...

You are amazing!
I do my little jogs and feel like the Rocky Movie. YOU ARE the Rocky Movie.

Good luck to you.

AND take the iPod. I wouldn't be able to run without the beat of my music keeping me going.

Connie said...

I needed to read this list today! You are an inspiration to SO many people! You're going to do great! Wish we could all be there to cheer you on! You deserve more than a medal. You not only will have run 26.2 miles the day of your race, but the preparation is astounding! Just 4 more weeks!

Doran & Jody said...

Good luck!!
You can do it!!

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you plan on using your playlist despite what the Marathon organizers say! You know best what is important for you!