Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

I guess when I say summer, I mean June, July and August.  Somehow they have just flown by.

We had a marvelous 3 months with so many exciting things--picked up Kyle, Brandon graduated from high school, spent a few days in Idaho with some of the fam, went to Texas and got to spend time with a few of the grandkids--even hours count ; ) and then at the end of August went to Chicago, Nauvoo, and Indiana, where we finally got to meet our newest great granddaughter.  Now here it is September 9th!!!
I have posted about the trips except the recent one.  It was time to meet Lyla, so we decided to head to Indiana over the Labor Day weekend (yes, we have Labor Day in Canada).  Then when I was in Texas, Allan sent me a note and said he had business in Chicago, so we were going to go there first.  I thought, he maybe we could hit Nauvoo and go see The Pageant.  When I had checked into it, I looked at the wrong site and thought it went until September--bummer!!!  But we love Nauvoo so we went anyway.

The drive to Chicago on Monday was good--long, but good.  (Of course, I can say that because I don't have to do any of the driving ; )   Lots of toll roads, glad we had a fair amount of U.S. coins with us.  We arrived Monday night.

Allan had meetings all day Tuesday.  I had talked with Neal who gave me some great ideas of places to go in Chicago.  So I got a taxi to take me to the train station and off to Downtown Chicago I went.  When I arrived in Union Station I was ready to find my way to the Shed Aquarium--Neal and Macy's recommendation.  First problem--I didn't know which door to go out!!! I have not had a lot of experience with trains (other than in Europe) and this was even more confusing than being in a foreign country.  I decided to just GO OUT ANY DOOR and get my bearings once I got outside.  I started heading out and called my "go to guy" aka Neal.  He told me which way to go.  I walked, and walked, and walked.  Got to the Aquarium and it was wonderful.  Only problem--just not as much fun when you are alone.  (Now I have no problem being alone, it never bothers me--I can even go to a movie or out to dinner alone, but doing this was just not as much fun.  Not fun when there is no one to share the oooh's and aaah's with ; )
Spent some time there.  Had trouble taking pictures, but got a couple that I liked.

Then headed to the Field Museum.  Enjoyed that as well.

It took me awhile to walk back to the train station.  I kept stopping and looking at different things along the way.  Chicago is a fascinating city.  I should have gone to the Skytower, but REALLY I hate heights!!!!
Got on the train to head back to my hotel and I accidentally got on an express train--one that didn't stop where I wanted.  Oh, well.  I rode to the first stop and then bought a ticket back to my stop.  Then I called the hotel and got their complimentary shuttle back to the hotel.

The next morning Allan and I headed to the Chicago Temple.  We had been there many years before.

You can't see that fountain in the front very well, so here is another shot.

Back in the car and off to Nauvoo.   The drive was lovely.  We got there in time to walk around a little.  Poor Allan was having some trouble with his leg--we think he had gout and he was in a significant amount of pain.   First stop for me had to be the Trail of Hope.  I am always so inspired as I make part of that walk.  This is one of my favorite plaqards along the trail:

What faith!!!!  And we think it's tough when the microwave doesn't work!!!!  I can't be in Nauvoo without crying and feeling such gratitude for these amazing pioneers.  And, of course, when I am on the trail and look up and see the temple, my heart aches for them for what it must have been like to walk away from it.

We went to the land and title office and looked up some information.  It was fun to find some of Allan's ancestors.

We had a yummy dinner at the Nauvoo Dinner House--it was rib night and I enjoyed every bite, although I had to be careful because I was going to run 7 miles that night.

So back to the hotel to change into my running clothes.  We found a route and Allan headed off to take some pictures.  Look at this shot he took of the sunset--PRETTY AMAZING, EH ; )

I had to run quite a bit in the dark, but my wonderful husband was right there to watch out for me.

Next morning up to go to the temple.  Oh, how I love that temple.  Yes, I know it was rebuilt, but I still feel the Sprit of those early pioneers whenever I am there.

One of the men who Allan worked with in Salt Lake is on a mission in Nauvoo and we went to find him, but it was his Preparation Day, so Allan left his business card and off we headed to Indiana.  

We got there and went to our hotel and then met Wendy, Tony and Josh for dinner at one of Allan's favorite restaurants--Cracker Barrel.  It was so fun to see them again.  It felt like it had been ages.
Next morning (after my run) Wendy, Josh, Allan and I headed off to Indianapolis to go to the NCAA Hall of Champions.  It was fun.  I could kick myself because it is right next to the NCAA Headquarters where the selection committee meets to make the picks for the NCAA tournament and I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE!!!!!  
However, I got a few that were kind of fun:

Josh demonstrating his skills!!!!

We then headed back to have lunch before going to see Wendy's husband, Tony, who just recently got a teaching position.  It was fun to see him in his environment.  He is such a fun guy (and very smart), and I can only imagine how much fun the kids have in his class.  He attempted to teach these guys:

Back to the hotel to meet Nancy and Scarlett and the gang to see our two little great grandchildren, Xander, and our newest little one, Lyla, who we had not yet met.  And then we were heading to Hollyhock Hills for dinner.  

 Isn't she adorable????

Our meal was wonderful--they have GREAT fried chicken.

I had another run on Saturday morning, but it worked out fine.  I got back and showered and got ready before everyone got to the hotel.  Off we went for a fun day of jumping, playing, shopping, and movie going.  

One of the other things we did was go to Wendy's salon.  It is beautiful.  (I have to admit I wish she was closer so she could do MY HAIR!!!  She does a great job.  I would say she can do almost anyone's hair

Of course, the criteria is THEY HAVE TO HAVE HAIR!!!

We went to Church in the morning on Sunday and then Allan gave Lyla a blessing.  It was wonderful.  

I'm so glad we got this picture of us with Lyla.

We then kissed everyone goodbye and headed for home.  Stopped in Clearwater, Minnesota, for the night.  Got home in the early afternoon.

It was a fabulous trip and we are so glad we took it.

SIDENOTE:  One of Allan's cousins passed away and he will be heading to his funeral toward the end of the week and will not be back in time to go to Bismarck for my marathon, so I will not be running.  Instead I will do a marathon in Wisconsin in mid-October.  Downside 4 more weeks of training--Upside 4 extra weeks to prepare ; )  Biggest challenge:  staying injury free.


ShEiLa said...

Busy YOU!!!

I get to go to Chicago for the first time in October... I am so excited. You got some really nice photos.


Connie said...

You must have had so much fun! I'm so impressed that you kept up the training even on your vacation!
What an adorable baby!

I went to Nauvoo last year for the first time! I absolutely LOVED it!

Neal said...

Great usual. Helps to match-up to the stories you've told about your adventures ; ) Love the shot of Xander and Josh playing!

Betty said...

Looks like another fabulous trip! I'm so glad you got to go to Indiana to see Lyla. (LOVE the name!) She's such a cutie! And I can't believe how big Xander is! When did that happen?

YOU ARE SO BRAVE!! There is no way I could get on a train and travel in a huge city like Chicago. I guess that's where small town living has hampered me.

Keep training! Stay healthy!

Chantel said...

Sounds like fun. I agree about the spirit of those early saints being still in the temple. It was an amazing experience to walk the hallways that they walked and to see what they saw. It was almost like I could hear them walking with me.

Heffalump said...

Blogger ate my other comment. I always love reading about your adventures!