Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day Late, But That's Okay

In the 5 years I've had this blog, I have NEVER missed our anniversary, UNTIL THIS YEAR.  I'm turning the comments off because honestly, this is not about people telling me HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ; )  Obviously, I love it when my husband says it to me.  It's fun to have the kids call to say Happy Anniversary because they know if it wasn't for our getting married 30 years ago,  they wouldn't be here--or in the case of Stephen, he wouldn't be part of Allan's family, and he is always quick to say how grateful he is for our marriage.  And what would I DO if I didn't have Allan's kids and grandkids as part of my family???

The point of this is to tell you some of the things I love about this man.  It's funny because as the years go on, I find I just love him more and more.  You'd think we'd get tired of being together, or talking to one another or even run out of things to say--NO WAY.

I am stealing this idea from Heidi.  I won't post 30 pictures, but will obviously post a few, but instead here are 30 words that describe Allan--in no particular order.   Now some may seem repetitious, but...I am going to do it anyway:

1.  Handsome:  Now that goes without saying ; )

2.  Caring:  Not just for me, but he is just a caring guy.  I think the thing I will always appreciate is the love he showed to his mom.  It still makes me tear up when I hear him refer to her as his angel mother.

3.  Honorable:  When I thought about the word honorable, I am reminded of the story of President George Albert Smith "what have you done with my name".  I thought of what it means to him to be a Robison.  He would NEVER do anything to dishonor his name.  As well, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he has taken upon him the name of Jesus Christ and would NEVER want to do anything to dishonor Him.

4.  Thoughtful:  It was so fun to have him there with me when I ran my marathon.  He got in his car and found me every couple of miles.  I was so excited when I would see him up ahead.  And there he was ready to give me some encouraging words.  It was so cute how he told the people at the different stops all about me and they would call me by name and say something positive.

5.  Attentive:  Being single for 31 years made me a little independent.  When we got married and were on our honeymoon, I developed a little infection and he wanted to be right there to take care of me.  I was not used to that and frankly, didn't want him hovering.  He has learned when to hover and when not to ; )

6.  Organized:  Oh, yes, sometimes this drives me a little crazy, but at the same time it is so helpful.  He always knows where things are (unless I put them somewhere).  I still laugh when I move something on his desk and am in his office talking to him and he looks down and sees something a few centimeters to the left or right and he has to move it to where it was ; )

7.  Punctual:  I never have to worry that we'll be late somewhere.  It is another one of those, sometimes drives me crazy things, but if we are to leave to go somewhere at 7:00 pm, I have learned that means we will be leaving BEFORE 7:00 pm.  When I had little ones to get ready, it wasn't always easy, but it has helped me become a punctual person.

8.  Selfless:  I think it drives the kids crazy when they ask what he wants for his birthday, and they get the usual response, "I just want my kids to be happy".  It is never about him.  WHAT A GUY!!!!  He is always ready to serve whenever and wherever he is needed.

9.  Fun:  He is so fun.  He will go along with things the kids want to do--even when they want him to put on a "clip-on" earring for a photo ; )

10.  Funny:  Not the same as fun, but he has a great sense of humor.  I love to hear him laugh and he makes me laugh.

11.  Loyal:  He is definitely loyal to his family, his friends, his employer, Church, and God.  

12.  Honest:  Honesty is so important to him.  He wouldn't even dream about lying about anything. He tells the story of his mom making him go back to the store because he got too much change when he bought a candy bar.  He bragged about the extra money and his mom made him go back to return the extra money.  It is a lesson that has stayed with him all these years.  He will take things back to the grocery store and I think they are amazed at his honesty.

13.  Smart:  There is not much he doesn't know, but he never makes me or anyone else feel dumb.  He is so willing to share his knowledge and help me learn.

14.  Understanding:  With each of my pregnancies he was right there to help me.  I still remember how much the smell of soap after he would shower made me sick and I didn't want him anywhere near me.  I would just look at him and motion to "go away" and HE DID!!!

15.  Helpful:  Goodness he is such a help around the house.  He is a great housekeeper and I never had to worry when I would go away that I would come home to a messy house.  In all his "spare time" he does the grocery shopping--he is a much better shopper than me.  And he is a GREAT cook and helps whenever we have people over for dinner.

16.  Kind:  He is kind to everyone and he makes time for people--which I appreciate so much.  As busy as he is, I don't think people ever feel like he doesn't have time to visit with them.

17.  Hard Working:  I appreciate how hard he works.  He goes to work and while he is there, he works hard.  And an honest days work for an honest days pay: AND THEN SOME MORE!!!!

18.  Exemplary:  I don't think my children could have a better example to follow than him.  I love when they call to ask his advice.  They know he would never steer them wrong and they would never go wrong if they thought "What would dad do?" in any situation--well, in almost any situation ; )
(I really should have put this picture under "fun"

19.  Non-Judgmental:  He just doesn't look for the bad in anyone.  Obviously, he has to make judgments but he is so great and I admire the way he sees people

20.  Gentle:  I used to love to watch him with the kids when they were babies.  Here was this big guy and these tiny little ones, but he was so sweet with them.

21.  Patient:  Honestly he is the most patient man I know.  I lose my patience rather quickly, but some how he just stays calm--and I don't have a clue how he does it.

22.  Courageous:  Because of his great faith he never seems to be afraid.

23.  Disciplined:  I think that is a great word to describe him.  He is routine oriented.  He is a list maker and checks things off his list.  He awakes like clockwork at a certain time each morning and I know about how long it will take him to get ready.  

24.  Humble:  I look at everything he has accomplished in his life, and am amazed that he can remain humble, but he truly understands why he has been able to achieve the things he has achieved--he knows where the strength and ability has come from.  I so love that about him.

25.  Generous:  He is generous with his time and with his means.

26.  Devoted:  He is willing to do whatever he needs to for his family.  He is devoted to all of us and I love him for that.  In fact, even when it's freezing cold, he braves the temperatures to barbeque me a steak!!!

27.  Loving:  I will forever cherish each and every note, letter, and card he has given me throughout these years.  I have been the recipient of so much love.

28.  Athletic:  I have been typing his personal history and it has been so fun to read about all his athletic experiences when he was young.  I know he misses playing basketball (something he did for years), but I love that he stays active.  He goes out and walks whenever he can--he is not a sit around kind of guy.

29.  Positive:  I love how incredibly positive he is.  He always sees the bright side of everything.  He tells me it doesn't do any good to worry, and one day I will be able to do that!!!!  He doesn't let things bother him at all--oh how I wish I could do that.

30.  Faithful:  Oh, how I love being on this journey with him.  He demonstrates such faithfulness each and every day of his life being obedient and striving to have the Spirit.  He always helps me to remember where we need to turn for answers and direction.

I truly am blessed to have him as my eternal companion.

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