Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Place for a Reminder or a Lesson

I do not enjoy shows like American Idol because I do not like watching people get critiqued.  I imagine those that were told IN FRONT OF THE WORLD what was wrong with their performance and then sent home, crying into their pillows, and it makes me very sad.

For the past few weeks I have watched a show on Canadian Television entitled "Over the Rainbow".  The reason I have been watching is because the girlfriend of one of Kyle's friends has been a contestant--in fact she is one of the last 5 contestants.  I have enjoyed watching her perform and have been excited for her.  Monday night, I watched the results show, and as is the case each week, the girls who were the bottom two had to participate in a sing-off, for the judge to decide which one of them she would "save from elimination".   The judge explained that what they must all understand is that they are being judged as a future Dorothy from the moment they come on the stage on Sunday night.  Everything is taken into account.  During the sing-off, it is their chance to deliver the story so well, so powerfully, that the judges would listen and have to conclude, "You have to stay!"

After they both sang, the judge announced which one she would save.  First she told one of the girls that she knew this was the 3rd time she had been in this situation.  She told her she had such a fabulous ability to sing and tell a story, but that tonight she didn't do that and the judge wondered if that was because this was the 3rd time she had been there, and she was giving what she had, and she didn't have the feeling of hope!  And because of that she was the one who was going home.

She then turned to the other contestant and said she told all the other girls she wanted all of them to listen to what she had to say.  And what she said really hit me.  She told this girl who was staying that that particular performance she delivered something she had not delivered in the past.  The judge didn't think she could sing to that level and that depth because they had not seen her sing like that before--the difference:   she was singing for her life (so to speak).  She told all of them, if they want to play Dorothy, they need to give it everything they have.

So why did this effect me?  Simple because if I learned nothing else during my marathon, I learned you have to believe in yourself and hope is everything.  We really have to have hope.  I thought about the things we do and how important it is that we have hope that we can accomplish them, make a difference, whatever it is--even FINISHING A MARATHON!!!!  HOPE IS POWERFUL.


Heffalump said...

That is so true! Hope is an incredibly powerful thing.

ShEiLa said...

So true... so true.

Keep HOPE shining brightly!!!!


Natalie A said...

I totally agree with you. Hope is soooo important.

Betty said...

This is a very good lesson. Especially for a girl who has lost all hope a few times in the past 6 months. And a world with no hope is very dark. Time moves on, however, and with it a healing of our souls and a slow building of hope naturally grows within that. I have found myself hoping again...for different things than I hoped for 6 months ago... And it's a cautious hope, but it's there, none-the-less.

Thank you for sharing this post!