Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Only 4 More Days

I don't think I have mentioned that as soon as I signed up for my marathon in Wisconsin I began checking the weather report.  There were reports of cool; sunny; partly cloudy; chance of rain/snow; etc.  Now as we are just 4 days from the marathon the weather report is not what I had hoped:  Cloudy, rain possible, cool  High 52 Low 45

As you know, I have songs on my playlist to remind me of members of my family, in hopes that it will motivate me.  I decided to take it a step further and assign each member a certain mile and that way I would imagine them running with me, encouraging me during that mile.  When one of them asked me which songs were on their mile, it got me thinking and I have tried to fix my iPod to include their songs during the time I may be running their mile.  Of course, depending on my pace, it could all change.  I will have a big smile on my face when I am running my grandson B's mile because one of his songs is "Anywhere in the World"--he will turn 18 tomorrow and with President Monson's announcement that young men are now able to serve a mission at 18, I figured that was most appropriate ; )

Last night I got the following pictures from Heidi and Daniel.  They made me smile--such sweethearts.   As you can tell, Heidi has mile 21 and Daniel mile 15.  You can see Heidi's CTR--CHOOSE TO RUN and Daniel's CYP--CHOOSE YOUR PACE and FTR--FINISH THE RACE.  I will have their pictures in my mind and my heart as I begin their particular miles.

And this morning I got a note from my friend, C, who will be "with me" during my first mile.  She wants to know what time I will begin the marathon as she will put the songs I have for her on her iPod and go for a walk at the same time, so we can truly do this together.  I love that woman!!!!


ShEiLa said...

Love your team of support!!!!

Add me to the list... Go Yvonne!!!!


Deena said...

You are amazing. I know you'll be able to FTR. I'll be thinking of you. xo

Betty said...

Only 4 days? I have butterflies in my tummy!
I'll be in IF on Saturday cleaning an investment property we just purchased and I will give it "my all" in honor of you, just as I know you will be giving your all in the marathon!

PS Always remember you have so many friends -- along with all of your family -- who are pulling for you and wishing you good luck!

Natalie A said...

I love how your family is there cheering you on. They and you are awesome!

I will be cheering you on from Montreal! Go Yvonne! You can do it! You can do it!

Love from a fellow "Canadian"

Sheri said...

Love the support! wishing you a fabulous experience!

Heidi said...


Nancy Face said...

Heidi and Daniel are seriously the cutest!

I hope all the best for you - I am so amazed by you and all you've done to prepare!

Heffalump said...

You're going to do awesome! I'll be thinking of you!

Nancy Face said...

I'm thinking of you, my sweet friend!