Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I know, I know...I went more than two weeks without a post ; (  I should have done this yesterday.

For me this has been my toughest winter thus far.  I really don't know why--I have just felt stuck in the house and there seems to have been more grey days than in the past.  I feel grumpy.

I have lots to keep me busy--but it feels just like that--busy work.  I think part of the problem is there hasn't been enough nice days to get me out there running.  I ran a few days a couple of weeks ago, but haven't been out since then.  But at least there are some things to look forward to:

  • MARCH MADNESS--I am so excited.  
  • BRENT'S GRADUATION--Yes!!!  That means I get to head down to Utah to see some of my kids.  Always love time there with them--and a visit with a friend or two.  I will sure miss seeing Sister A who is serving a mission in Montreal.  
  • A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA--As soon as Grandson B gets his mission call, Allan and I will head there either for his farewell or to go with him and his family to the temple.  It all depends on the timing.  
You know what.  Just typing those things out has made me smile, and I feel a lot better. 

Sidenote #1:  I have been busy typing Allan's personal history.  Wow, it is a lot of work. 

Sidenote #2:  I am just a couple of weeks away from finishing my 365 project--a photo a day, every day for one whole year!!!



Heffalump said...

It's been a blah winter for lots of people. But it's almost over!
Yay for things to look forward to!

Nancy Face said...

So happy you have those wonderful trips to look forward to!

ShEiLa said...

I am on vacation... But in the winter white. Cold weather... Warm hearts. Hang in there!


Natalie A said...

It's starting to warm up a bit and soon you will be running every day.

Yeah for having trips to look forward to. I will surely miss seeing you too.

WifeyMommy said...

Hey Yvonne, Millie here. :)

I'm hoping you're feeling better. Sure think you're awesome. :)