Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some Randomness

Exciting News:

My grandson, B, got his call and read it a week ago.  (I really should have posted before this.)

He is heading to Brazil--one of the new missions there.  He reports to the Brazil MTC the end of August.  Yikes, that is a long time to wait to go.   I am torn because I know his parents would have loved him to be out on his mission, but I am happy he will be at our Family Reunion.

Allan and I will be heading to California to go with him when he goes to the temple and then his little brother will be baptized.  From there we will head to Utah for Brent's graduation.  It will be an exciting couple of weeks.

General Conference:

Wow, wasn't it great.  I loved all the talks.  So many great quotes.  I am not sure what the theme was--sure heard a lot of talks about being obedient and finding peace.   I loved Elder Packer's poem--so very sweet.  I absolutely loved Sister Dalton's--I will miss her.  I can't wait to go through and count how many Seminary Scripture Mastery scriptures were quoted.  Loved President Uchtdorf's talk.  So loved the talks about recognizing that people can change--we must seek to see men as they may become!!!!  And I loved when President Eyring told us to depend on the Lord to draw those who wander off closer to Him as we serve and that "our prayers and faith will help them".

Thirty-Nine Years Ago Yesterday

April 6, 1974, I was baptized.  It hit me today how many times I have said, "I wish I had grown up in the Church."  Do you know what?  I DID.  I was just a babe of 23 when I was baptized, and I truly have GROWN UP IN THE CHURCH!!!  My life has changed tremendously because of that decision.


Garden of Egan said...

The talks were all fabulous

Congratulations to the grandsons call. That is a long time to wait. Our son that went to Japan waited over 5 months. I was soooo ready for him to get out there.

You maybe weren't born in the church but you certainly have grown in it.

Neal said...

I was lucky enough to arrive in Austin to catch the last session - SO GLAD. Now, I have to carve out 8 hours to watch everything else. I'm sure glad they're already available.

WifeyMommy said...

I love, love, love your perspective about having "grown up in the Church." All of life is a growing time. :)

Conference was wonderful!

sweetpea said...

so exciting about the mission call!! i agree--conference was wonderful. i can't wait to get the ensign so i can read the parts i missed while chasing kids. :) congrats on 39 years! you definitely have grown up in the church. my mom is a convert, and joined just about the same time as you. i'm so glad she did! xo

Heffalump said...

Brazil seems to be getting a lot of missionaries! Congrats to your grandson!
I really enjoyed conference also. It was just what I needed.

ShEiLa said...

Miss Yvonne,

Exciting goings on for you! Missions, Conference, Baptism anniversary... I am happy for you!!!

On April 1st... My best friends daughter Marissa was killed in an accident going back to college... 20 years old....this has been a tough struggle for me. April 6th I was at her funeral when I realized.... This is the 4th anniversary of my friend Lena's death.

It is nice to click over to your blog and enjoy good news. Thanks Yvonne!


Carrot Jello said...

Congratulations on everything!

Betty said...

Brazil!! That's wonderful! And what a sweet treat it will be to be in the Temple with the next generation of your family! That's what it's all about!

Congratulations on 39 wonderful years! My Dad is a convert and he and my mom were sealed one month before I was born. I am continually thankful they made that decision.

Connie said...

Very exciting about your grandson's mission call! I LOVE conference and this time around was no exception.