Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trip to California

What a glorious trip we had to California.

Now getting there was not easy.  On the 17th, I dropped Allan off at the Winnipeg airport as he was heading to Toronto and then I headed to Fargo.  It was mid-April so I was not anticipating snowy weather--MY FIRST MISTAKE.  When I got about 30 minutes from Fargo the roads got a little worse.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I absolutely HATE driving in the snow--especially on unfamiliar roads.

I got to the airport--and my knuckles weren't too white, parked the car and got to the counter.  The day before American Airlines had a problem with their computers and many flights were cancelled.  So the line at Frontier Airlines was pretty crowded--I guess lots of flights had been rescheduled onto all the different airlines.  When I got up to the counter, my flight that was leaving at 1 was delayed and was not going to leave until 7:00.  (Well, I had a connection in Denver that I would not make)  The girl at the counter was great and switched my flight and I was actually going to land in Sacramento earlier than expected.

I got to Stephen and Daphne's and spent the night with them.  It is always so fun spending time with all of them.  There is never a dull moment.  The next day I hung out with B and Georgia.  Georgia is about the most girlie little granddaughter I have had.  She loves to dress up like a little Princess, and it was so fun.  And I just love her little voice.  She talks constantly--I can't always understand everything she says, but that's okay.   She would bring me books to read.  The 3 of us went out to lunch and just had a great time.  Jason came over to visit.  When Hannah and Drew got home from school, Drew, B, and I played Monopoly.

Stephen made tacos for dinner and after dinner he helped Hannah with a project for school.  He made Rice Krispie squares and formed them into a submarine.  Hannah had done all the research and it was amazing.  My favorite was watching him make fondant to cover the submarine.  CRAZY. It was quite the family affair.

Daphne took me to the hotel and I waited for Allan who was flying into SF and driving to Sacramento. (He landed, got his rental car and headed to our hotel.  He arrived about 1:30 am.  NO, I WASN'T AWAKE ; )

We hung out with everyone, went to baseball games, In-N-Out, Mel's Diner, Target, played Apples to Apples.  It was fun spending a lot of time talking to B about his mission.  We had such a fabulous Sunday full of great events.

A few pictures:

Georgia combing Kiah's hair.  The best part is when she uses her little mirror and holds it up so Kiah can check to see if she likes it ; )

Had a rousing game of Apples to Apples, and guess who won--little Drew.  And in case you are wondering WE DIDN'T LET HIM WIN--we are a pretty competitive bunch ; )

The cheering section at Drew's baseball game.  So fun to watch him play.

He pitches a great game--well, at least one inning (they don't let these little guys pitch many innings.

On Sunday our B was ordained an Elder by his Grandpa.

We gathered outside after Church and unfortunately, our grandson, Jason had already left ; (

That afternoon Drew was baptized by B and confirmed by his dad.

We had a birthday celebration at Stephen and Daphne's and we all sang Happy Birthday to Drew.  I loved those candles!!!!

One of his gifts was a moustache--gotta love it.

The dogs are so cute.  I got such a kick out of watching Dash get so jealous of when anyone would pay attention to Baron--so much like kids ; )

We left Sacramento and had a crazy trip to Utah--lots of delays:  snow in Denver.  Seriously??? We finally arrived at my sister-in-laws about 2:30 in the morning.   Allan and I looked at each other and said, "Why didn't we drive???"   

One last photo of Dash and Baron.

While  we were in Utah Stephen called to tell us Baron had been hit by a truck.  After four hours they found him and took him to the Vet.  HIs right leg was badly damaged and ended up having to be amputated.  I am happy to report that he is doing fine and doesn't seem to realize he only has 3 legs.   

Sidenote:  Now this comment has absolutely nothing to do with my trip, by why am I so surprised by what people do or don't do???  


ShEiLa said...

Lovely trip... Family is the best! Visiting far away family... Even better. Sorry to hear that Baron was hit... Happy that he will be just fine even minus a leg.


Heffalump said...

I always love an update on how life is for you. It looks like you had a wonderful trip!

Betty said...

Georgia is SO BIG!! I can't believe she's not a baby anymore!

What a lovely trip! I'm glad you had such a great time! Sorry about the crazy spring weather, though. Yuck. Hopefully it will be calmed down by June!

Heidi said...

Love the pics--wish we could have been there to celebrate--it is always a great time with Stephen's fam;)

Randi said...

Yvonne, I love how much time you spend loving and thinking about your family. You are amazing to me.

Nancy Face said...

Wow, you've been crazy busy (so have I)! All the family events sound so great!

I was so sad when I read that Baron had been hit, and then relieved to know he will be okay! My friend's dog has just three legs, and it doesn't slow her down!