Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Let me begin by sharing something one of my boys said about coming to the reunion.  After he returned home, he was asked by a friend if he felt bad about missing another event that was pretty important to come to the reunion.  He said, "Going to the reunion was a no-brainer.  If I have a chance to be at anything with my kids and my parents, I'll be there!!!!"  He told this person that he realizes that it's been years for his mom to be able to be with her parents and his dad lost his dad 14 years ago and his mom about 4 years ago, so when he can be somewhere with both his parents and his children, he'll do whatever.

When I wrote the previous post I realize I didn't write about the shooting of our movie.  Brent wrote a script for a movie.  (Something that has been a part of our reunions since 1999--when the first Robison movie "Video Wars" was shot.)  This one was tentatively titled "Newalster".         Brent wanted to have the little ones each take a key role in the movie, so it was written with three heroes--who would be played by Drew, Garrett, and  Xander.

I ended with the Thursday events and now it's time to go on to Friday.

Stephen and Daphne got up very early to take Kiah and Jason to the Pocatello airport.  When they got back we were all busy making lunches for our trip to Yellowstone.  We were scheduled to leave at 9:00--and ended up leaving shortly after 9:00.  We had walkie-talkies so we could try to stay together.

I think everyone loved the trip through the park.  If you haven't been there, YOU HAVE TO GO. It is amazing.

We saw some amazing things, but the highlight for me (aside from seeing everyone enjoy the trip so much) was seeing a mama grizzly bear and her two cubs.  Unfortunately, we were not as close as others in our group, so I didn't get a great capture.  Oh, well, I have my memory and I'm still excited that I saw one ; )

We also came across a herd of bison and they were VERY, VERY close to the car--in fact, a little too close.

When we were visiting last year, there was a bison laying in the field and I saw a couple of people get WAY TOO CLOSE to take his picture.  I couldn't believe they were that stupid.  And then when I was in the information center I saw video with a guy that was thrown into a tree when he got too close to one.  (They should show that video to everyone as they enter the park ; )  When we came across one of our first bison and calf, they went right by this guy fishing.  I might have been a little afraid if I was him ; )

We stopped at a few of the falls--so very pretty.  It is more evidence to me of the beauty of this world.

And, of course, we had to take some pictures in front of the falls.  Thanks to Kyle for grabbing my camera and taking a picture of Allan and I.

We wanted to hit Old Faithful.  Unfortunately, the same thing happened this year that happened last year--we got there just as she spouted.  Most of us decided to stay another 40 minutes until she would spout again.  IT WAS WORTH IT.

When we got back we had a late dinner.   The Indiana Group put together a bake potato and salad bar.  It was FABULOUS--I think everyone enjoyed choosing their own toppings.

Allan and I had purchased a couple of puzzles of a Yellowstone scene and he divided everyone up into two teams and they got busy trying to put it together---talk about competitive.  It got a little crazy.

When we got up Saturday, it was COLD.   We had a couple of things planned for that day:  We were going to skype with our grandson, Chris and his wife, Heather and the newest addition to our family.   We all felt really bad that they weren't a part of the reunion, so we had planned a "Welcome Logan Party".  Everyone had a gift for the baby and it was so fun to watch each of them present their gift and visit with them.  I hope it helped them know how much they were missed and how excited all of us were for their new addition.  Although I certainly would have enjoyed having that little guy in my arms, this was the next best thing!!!!

On Saturday we needed to finish up the shooting of the movie. We also did an indoor shoot of a town meeting with our mayor and a group ready to riot!!!!  Of course, one of them had a fun time with a would be whoopie cushion--our poor Director tried really hard not to laugh.

This shot was filmed the second day we arrived--it is our fisherman who are the first to encounter the monster!!!

We did some town scenes where the people have to scream and run, but unfortunately, I didn't take any shots of that--it would have been hysterical!!!!

We were pretty fortunate to have three fabulous actors who were the heroes in our movie.  Here they are in the scene where they attempt to WAKE THE NEWALIE!!!

The Mayor and the Scientist thanking the heroes for their incredible service!!!!

After a fabulous dinner of chicken and steak fajitas, we played a game put together by our son-in-law Tony entitled "How Well Do You Know Your Dad?"

The questions were tough.  I so wish we had a video of Tony in action.  He was too funny, and, of course, watching the kids would have been GREAT.  Six of them are INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE and were not happy when they didn't get an answer wrong.  Kudos to Heidi who won.  With questions like how many ties does he own or chicken or fish, how was anyone supposed to win ; )

Kyle was a little concerned when little L took his glasses--how was he ever going to know any of the answers now???

These four were sure thinking pretty hard

But in the end they realized that it was all for fun and not knowing how many sets of scriptures Allan has owned was not that important.

Saturday night was so incredibly fun as we sat around and visited and shared fun stories.  I didn't want the night to end.

And I know it meant the world to Allan to have an opportunity to explain to his children WHAT HE KNOWS and remind them all that THEY CAN KNOW WHAT HE KNOWS!!!!  It is something Allan has wanted to do for years and I know he is so glad he had the opportunity to do it.

The next day everyone headed for home.  Always sad to see these events end.  Allan and I along with Brent and Kyle enjoyed an extra day.  We visited with Wendy and Tony until they headed for the airport around 3:00, and then Allan and Brent headed off to a special Church meeting.  Kyle and I had fun playing ping pong and visiting.  When Allan got back he and Kyle headed back down to the horseshoe pit!!!

That night we all watched The Great and Powerful Oz in the theater room--well, until Allan fell asleep.  I hadn't seen it so the boys and I watched it together.

The four of us left on Monday morning.  Sad to say goodbye but sure filled with GREAT MEMORIES.  Allan and I talked over and over again how it was all so much more than we expected.



Nancy Face said...

It sounds like a fantastic time! I'm so happy for you and your family!

The Great and Powerful Oz wasn't a favorite of mine, but I REALLY enjoyed the last half hour or so!

Heffalump said...

What a fun time! I think family memories are some of the best things we can give our kids. Good for you guys for connecting your family and bringing them closer through shared experiences!

Heidi said...

Yes-I am with Stephen and would always pick being with my family first:) I sure wish you and daddy were closer cuz I love every minute I can get with you both!!! Such incredible memories. I love you tons mom!!!

Janice said...

okay, it's been way too long. Name everyone in the immediate family picture for me, please. I'm feeling really old;)

Yvonne said...

Nancy face: Thanks so much. It was FABULOUS. I enjoyed all of the sets, all of the amazing time that went into the movie.

Heffalump: It was a great memory that I will cherish for years. Everyone seemed to get along which was a REAL BONUS. Thanks.

Heidi: I love you, too. I hate being so far away and look forward to when we are closer together. Thanks for reading and commenting, Heidi--it means a lot.

Janice: If you are talking about the picture at Old Faithful--going from left to right, Macy holding Lauren, Nancy, Daphne with Drew in front of her and Daph is holding Georgia, and behind them is Brandon, then Stephen, Allan, and Amanda has her hands on the sign, and behind her is her husband, Darren, then Neal with Garrett on his shoulders, and then Nancy's daughter in law, Scarlett holding their daughter, Lyla, and Xander their son, is in front of her, behind her is Nancy's other son, Josh, and last is Evan, Nancy's oldest (Scarlett's husband). Missing from the picture are Wendy and Tony, and Heidi, Daniel, Brent, and Kyle who all went back to the cabin. Hope that helps, Janice.

Yvonne said...

Oh, and I guess, Jason and Kiah would be missing, too, but they had already headed back home.

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful reunion memories! I was looking for the cardboard boats, but I guess the weather was just a little chilly for playing in the water. This week, of course, was blistering hot. But that's always the case, isn't it?

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time and made some great memories! I'll say it again, you have an AWESOME family!