Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Half Marathon--June 2013

In all my years of blogging, I have NEVER had this happen.  I had a WHOLE BLOG POST written about the half-marathon and IT DISAPPEARED!!!!  So I'll try again!

I was originally going to drive to Utah by myself but Allan decided to DRIVE ME.  You have no idea HOW HAPPY I WAS.  I was going to leave on May 30th, but we decided to leave on May 31st instead--which gave me an extra day to work on his history.  It was a fairly uneventful trip until we got to Bozeman and we were putting the bags in the hotel room.  I said to Allan, "Where is the overnight bag?"  He said, "It's right there."  I look at the bag he pointed to and told him that THAT was not the overnight bag!!!  (Let me explain:  When we are going to spend only one night in a hotel, I pack an overnight bag, so we don't have to empty the entire car!!!  It has always worked--UNTIL NOW!!!)

So off to Target we went to buy all the incidentals--fortunately we had plenty of clothes, but had to grab the other bags, it was just toiletries we needed.

We got into Utah early Saturday evening.  The kids knew what time I was arriving, but they were most surprised when they saw their Dad.  So off we went to Zupas for dinner

On Sunday we went to Church and then Sunday night Allan fixed dinner for everyone.  Then it was time to practice ping pong.  (We were going to have a ping pong tournament at the reunion and we all wanted to be ready)  Goodness, do we take our ping pong seriously or what!!!

On Monday, we had errands to run and then on Tuesday Allan headed off to Chicago and then back home.  Don't worry, he'll be back in a week.

On Tuesday night, Heidi, Daniel, Kyle and I went to see the new Star Trek movie.  I had already seen it, but I was more than happy to see it again.

Tried to get some running in every so often.  (I really should have tried to get more in ; )

I also spent a lot of time typing Allan's history.  I was grateful that Neal and Macy were working so hard putting everything together.

Friday was a very exciting day, our newest great grandson was born.  His mother had gone in to the hospital to be induced.  I got updates throughout the day and was very, very excited when I got the news that he was here and mother and baby were doing well.

Heidi, Brent and I headed to Provo to pick up our racing packets.  Heidi bought a really cool little belt type thing--I'm going to try and figure out how to make one.  That night we got together for our Carb Up Dinner.

I headed to bed kind of early, but kept getting updates with pictures of baby Logan, so sleeping was very difficult.  (No, I couldn't NOT LOOK AT THE PICTURES--I was far too excited ; )

And for some reason 3:00 came very early the next morning.  Got Brent and then Heidi and it was off to the mall to catch our bus.  It's a good thing you have a lot of adrenaline going so we could stay awake.  Got up to the canyon and we were pretty happy we were bundled up because it was COLD!!!  But it was a lot of fun visiting with all the people.  There is something special about the running community--everybody is so encouraging.

And at 6:00, we were off.  Heidi and Brent were with their respective "pacing bunnies" or groups and I was off near the back.  The race felt so incredibly long.  I struggled so much.  It felt like it was never going to end.  The first one I saw before I crossed the finish line was Kyle.  He could tell I was struggling so he kept encouraging me to just keep going ; )  Then Heidi came and she ran with me--yes, she had already finished.  She was great.  And when I crossed the finish line I was quite happy TO BE DONE!!!  It turned out Heidi had crossed a few minutes before Brent--I was so proud of both of them.  I have to add that I LOVED THE MEDALS THIS YEAR.  So cool.

I went and found a place to collapse and then I saw my friend "Betty" whose husband had run--it was his first half and he did great.  Hard to believe out of all those people there, she found us.  I was so happy to see her and get a chance to meet her son and husband.

We headed for home to shower and get cleaned up so we could go and get her WELL-DESERVED TREATS!!!

Slept well that night and went to Church with Heidi and Daniel the next day.  Had the chance to be in Relief Society when Heidi taught her lesson.  She is a fantastic teacher.  I laughed because when she gave out her quotes for people to read each of them was titled with a race word--"endurance", "black toes", etc.

I had a little bit of time to do some fun things with the kids--go shopping, wander around BYU, etc.  Brent and I had a fun time shopping for props for the movie that he will film at the reunion.  I do have to share a story about being with Kyle at the candy counter in the BYU bookstore.  (I think Kyle wanted to run and pretend he didn't know me.)  I was in line waiting for a woman in front of me to buy her candy and then the girl began waiting on me.  I ordered my chocolate covered cinnamon bears and sour cherries.  As she was weighing my stuff, I noticed a phone on the counter. I asked Kyle if it was his and then realized it must have belonged to the woman ahead of me.  I told the girls and they said they would take it and put it in "lost and found".  I said, "Why don't you call her and let her know she left it here?"  They looked at me a little confused and I repeated myself.  Kyle looked at me and said, "Seriously, Mom?"  I said, "What's the matter?  Wouldn't it be better to call her now instead of waiting until she got home and she realized she left it?"  Kyle just stared at me!!!  And then FINALLY it clicked.  I was MORTIFIED.  I told the girls, "Really, I am not that stupid."  I'm sure that was shared around a few dinner tables that evening!!!!

On Monday morning, I met a friend at the Provo temple and after our session we went to Kneaders for lunch.  Every so often you meet people that you have such a connection with--she is one of those people and I truly love her.

That evening the kids and I decided to hike the Y.  It was great fun.

Kyle and I had dinner out and then I headed into Provo to take some pictures and then later that evening, Allan flew back to Salt Lake.  Now I had to laugh when I went to pick him up.  I was waiting for his flight to arrive and looked at the board--does that flight from Salt Lake into Salt Lake make sense to you???

The next morning Daniel wanted to treat Allan to the Kneaders "All you can eat french toast"--so we met up with the kids there--Allan really enjoyed his breakfast.   (Later in the afternoon we were meeting some friends for lunch at Olive Garden ; )  

Sometimes I feel like all we do is EAT.  That evening we met up with the kids at Brick Oven

And in the evening played spoons--so fun.  SOME PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS!!!

We were up early to head to California for Kiah's graduation!!!  Hopefully that will be the next post.

SIDENOTE:  I am doing pretty well in spite of my cast.  At least now I can use my fingers.


Heffalump said...

I tried to comment earlier but it got eaten!
Congratulations on finishing the race. I am not sure I could ever go that far. I am thinking a 5K might be in my future, but that is about it.

Heidi said...

What an awesome experience it was---thanks soooo much mom for all your support and encouragement! I was soooo glad you were there with me--it meant A LOT!!! You are my inspiration and hopefully I can do a full marathon next year;) It was great having you there and especially the awesome surprise of daddy being there!!! I love you TONS mom--you are amazing and I am sooo grateful to be your daughter and for the wonderful relationship we have!!! Thanks for always being there:)

Betty said...

It was SO GREAT seeing you cross the finish line! I was so glad I heard them call your name so I could watch for you! Did we tell you we were stalking your bag with your gear? That's how we found you. We hung out, waiting for you to come pick it up. When we saw Heidi, she told me where to find you! Otherwise, I doubt our paths would have crossed.

Flynn is ready to sign up for next year's race. Let's make a plan on meeting up again! :)

Connie said...

That was quite a trip for you! It was so good to go to meet up with you. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with me. :)

Nancy Face said...

Such a wonderful, wonderful post! It must have taken so much time to create it TWICE!

It's funny how you didn't post for weeks, and as soon as I left on vacation - with no internet access - you began blogging up a storm, haha! :D