Monday, August 26, 2013

How Can 30 Days Go by so Quickly

We picked Kyle up in GF a month ago tomorrow.  That month has gone by much too quickly.  I miss him already.  Yesterday when I was making cookies for Allan's meeting with the missionaries, he helped when I realized it was pretty painful on my wrist to take the dough off the spoon.

He and I have had a lot of fun watching episodes he's missed of Modern Family.  On Sunday evenings we have played games.  We even convinced Allan to play Scattergories with us and even played Allan's personalized version of Monopoly.

It's been great to have him here, as I have it difficult to do so many little things around the house.  He's washed windows, pulled weeds, scrubbed cupboards, cleaned light fixtures, etc.  

The thing I will miss most about this guy is just talking to him.  He has a great head on his shoulders and helps me see things differently.  I've been struggling with a lot of things lately, and he has been very helpful.

Sidenote #1:  Today is Brent's 28th birthday--and days like this, I wish I could just pop on a plane to go see him.  Because goodness knows HAVING ME THERE WOULD MAKE HIS BIRTHDAY SO MUCH BETTER ; )  He is a great young man and I am grateful he is my son!!!!  (Had to use this picture--one of my favorites ; )

Sidenote #2:  Tomorrow is Allan's 70th.  He figures we celebrated at the reunion so has MADE ME PROMISE there will be no celebrating tomorrow.  But, he has asked that I make his favorite dessert--German Chocolate Pudding Cake for a meeting he has tomorrow night.  Of course, I will oblige!!!


Heffalump said...

What a good son! I hope your wrist gets better soon and that the time between seeing your kids goes quickly!

Lana said...

Happy BIrthday Allen!

hope your wrist feels better soon

Nancy Face said...

Casts are miserable, but the green looks really cute!

Neal said...

I still don't understand how you can even run, with that cast on!

Natalie A said...

Happy Birthday to Allen.

How long will the cast be on? Hope you get better and better quickly.

How wonderful to have such a great son.

Sorry you're having issues of any kind. Praying you will
have everything figured out soon. Remember Heavenly Father loves you, Allen loves you, your kids and grandkids love you. So many people love awesome you and I love you too.

ShEiLa said...

Sounds like good memory making moments.

Happy Birthday Brent & Allan!

Heidi said...

Glad you had a good time together--I sure miss you tons and love you more!!!

Vicki said...

so nice to see your blog! it helps fill in details, even though a year of 365 does not leave much unsaid! lol
and now we get to heal broken bones together! I have pretty much decided to start another year on 365, but am waiting for January so it will be one full year from start to finish with only one number instead of 13/14. (something weird, I know) it just takes so much time to respond the way I want to...I needed a break. Not sure how to balance it, but will try it anyway. vickixo