Friday, August 16, 2013


Things I have learned that are tough to do with only one arm:
  • Blow dry your hair--Now Allan has offered to do it for me, but...
  • Comb my hair--I hate styling my hair with two hands, but with one--it is hideous!!!
  • Clip a broken fingernail on my right hand.  I now have the use of my fingers on my left hand but don't have enough strength.  Now keep in mind my nails are very flimsy, but still it's hard.
  • Open medicine bottles that are in childproof containers.
  • Tie up my shoelaces on my running shoes.  I find if I don't pull them tight enough my feet slip around and I get blisters.  I went out for my first run in 1 1/2 weeks and couldn't do it. Allan and Kyle were out of town.

  • When you make brownies and try to pour the batter into the pan, it's tough to scrape the pan.  I had to basically lay the bowl into the pan and scrape--WHAT A MESS!!!
  • Now I don't mean to be gross, but it is hard to wash my right underarm--gripping the soap with my left and then trying to wash--not easy.
  • I find it hard to steady the camera while I take a picture.  I was pretty happy to get his shot at the Butterfly Gardens.  The funniest moment was when I went outside the enclosure and saw a little butterfly amongst the flowers.  You could almost hear him shouting "I AM FREE.  I AM FREE"

Now I have to remind myself that the cast will be off in a few weeks.  Biggest disappointment, it won't be off when I head to Texas to meet my newest little great-grandson.  How in the world am I going to hold him without bopping him in the head!!!

SIDENOTE #1: You have no idea how many tears were shed that I wasn't in California for B's talk and farewell last Sunday.   I would have loved to hear his and Stephen's talks.  As well, B sang as well as my little, Drew.   I HATE LIVING FAR AWAY.  I was so incredibly happy that Heidi and Brent were there.  Made it so much easier.  They were great to let me know how great everything was--and, of course, I talked to the family there and got the blow by blow.   I know it meant a lot to them to have family there--Amanda and Darren were there, too.

SIDENOTE #2:  After reading a bunch of stuff on people taking pictures off of blogs, I was a little freaked out and thought I should go private, but I think I'm just going to be more careful and not put too many pictures on here.  Of course, I think Ella will be safe ; )


Connie said...

Yvonne, you have a good attitude. I'm sure there are many frustrating moments trying to deal with an impairment! :) it is hard to live so far away from family and miss special events. I hope your visit with your great grand baby goes well. Good luck to you!

Natalie A said...

Oh Yvonne, you are the best. Sorry you have to deal with a broken arm. I admire your courage and great attitude. I'm with you on being away from family. I'm having a sad time myself not being able to go to my granddaughter's wedding with all of my family and all of the new babies being there. Well, not complaining. We are doing what the Lord would have us do.

Enjoy your visit with your great grand baby and get well quickly. You are in my prayers.

ShEiLa said...

I remember feeling like this after my shoulder surgery...
Hang in there!

Heffalump said...

It's amazing the things we take for granted when we don't have to think about doing without! I hope the time until your cast comes off goes by quickly!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

So sorry about your arm. I had some of the same experience when I had my arms operated on in June.

So sorry you missed the events of family.
It is so hard.

Your butterfly picture is beautiful.
Amazing talent.

Betty said...

It's so hard NOT to put pics on blogs, isn't it? But I'm an addict. I simply HAVE to.

I remember how difficult it was to take care of basic things after my wrist surgery. Time heals though, and when you finally get used to having that right armpit be just a little stinkier than you like, all of a sudden the cast comes off and you can really wash it!

Your camera skills have NOT declined by your broken arm. Your photos are still as gorgeous as ever!

Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry about your arm being in a cast! I can SO relate - it's been 18 years, but when Zach was a tiny baby I severely broke my wrist and was in a super awkward cast for 6 weeks. I couldn't dress or diaper the baby, and I could only nurse him if someone brought him to me and put him in position. My mama had to be our "babysitter" every day while Kris was at work.

The hair was particularly dreadful!

Hang in there!