Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ki's Graduation

On Thursday morning Allan and I drove into Utah to attend Ki's Graduation from University.  We had one little incident which is probably a little difficult to describe.  As we were driving, I was crocheting and dropped my hook and it went into a little crevice next to my seat. I dug and dug and couldn't find it.  I was so frustrated--the only hook I had with me.  We ended up going to WalMart and I found another hook--and it was the right size!!!

We headed to Oakland so we could visit friends.  We had a GREAT evening visiting with the C's.  We visited for awhile and then headed to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  It was wonderful.  Whenever I am with them I just want to slow down time--I coud visit with them FOREVER!!!  And, as I had been working on Allan's history, there were so many stories about this guy, and there is so much love there!!!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the two of them but got this one of him and Allan.

The next morning we did a session at the temple and then headed to our favorite donut shop--big disappointment.  They had a very few donuts and not my favorite--the apple fritter.

We got up to Stephen and Daph's.  That night we went up to D's day camp until his sister would get there to watch him.  What a camp.  It was fabulous.

On Saturday they had a fabulous party to celebrate Ki's graduation.  They had brunch and everything was wonderful.  The only downside was that SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but her initials are YMR ; ( left the door open and a BUNCH of flies came in.   I felt like my job was to swat and attempt to kill them all!!!  The food was fabulous.

I think everyone was pretty tired that evening.  Allan did take little H on a date to Taco Bell and I think that was pretty fun for the two of them.  Sunday morning we had to get up pretty early to get to the University for the graduation.  We got there in plenty of time to get a good seat.  It was exciting and we did a pretty good job of CHEERING for her.  Look at how gorgeous this girl is!!!

And, with her gown--and holding her cap which sure helped me find her in the crowd!!!

I love this picture of Allan giving her a big hug.  He is one pretty proud Grandpa!

And, of course, I am a pretty proud Grandma.   I love this girl.  She is always SO GREAT about communicating, and that means the world to me.

After pictures we headed to Church.  Great meetings and they even had a Father's Day gathering (complete with yummy cookies and cinnamon rolls).

Now I have to include this picture.  A picture of the beautiful, Ki (on the left--not the right ; ) On the right is "Jessica" who was a hand me down given to G. G calls her Ki because she thinks she looks like her sister. (Frankly, I'd have to lock her into a room at night because she creeps me out--"Jessica" not Ki ; )

After Church, we headed to Stephen and Daph's and had a lovely dinner and they gave Allan his Father's Day gift (and a Mother's day gift for me ; )

We headed back to our hotel to pack up and get a good night sleep--we had to get up quite early to go pick up B and D for our trip to Idaho.

SIDENOTE:  The blog is going private.  


Heidi said...

She definitely is one special young lady;) Glad you and daddy were there to celebrate this big accomplishment!

Heffalump said...

Could you send me an invite when your blog goes private? Unless you don't want to of course ;o)

Betty said...

I'll say It again, I love your family! The relationships you share are admirable. Not to mention you're all drop-dead-GORGEOUS!

The email I use for blogging is
MakingMemories101 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I'd love an invite! :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Heidi. She definitely is a fabulous granddaughter!!!! Love you, sweetie.

Oh, Heff, you know I will send you an invite!!!

Betty: You will definitely get an invite when I go private!!!

Nancy Face said...

Ki really IS gorgeous! How nice that she is such a sweet granddaughter, too!