Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preparing for General Conference

Allan has purchased his ticket to fly to Utah for General Conference, and that is a reminder to me that it is coming up.  So, I need to get ready.

As a way to get ready, I have decided to read and study a talk from the April 2013 Conference each day between now and General Conference.  I am using and signing in and taking notes.  I really need to work on application--something I continually taught in Seminary and try to teach in my Sunday School lessons.   I do not want to just feel these were just "great talks", but I want to take the messages and apply them to my life and work on these areas where I could do better--which is just about all of them!!!

We are so blessed to have these wonderful talks and such inspired leaders to help us.

Just curious--how do you get ready for Conference?

Sidenote #1:  Speaking of "Preparing"--did I mention that me and some members of my family are signing up for next year's Ragnar!!!!  We are pretty excited.  Some wish it was sooner--frankly, I am grateful I have until June.  I know one member is glad since he blew out his calf!!! I am finding it difficult to run with this dumb cast.

Sidenote #2:   Pretty excited that my grandson will be heading out for his mission next week.   I have been sending him a "spiritual thought" each week for the past three weeks.  When we were together at our family reunion, people wrote words of advice or encouragement.  They were so wonderful.  I put pictures of him with the person or family that wrote the words and sent it to him.  He loved it.  I hope it will help him feel the love of his family while he is away.  One of my favorites had to be from Dash and Baron--the dogs:  "We will miss you even more than everyone else, due to the 14 dog years  to 2
people years ratio.   Walk as much as you can, eat at least 2 meals a day (don’t beg for food though), rest when you can, and always stay clean.  We love you.

Sidenote #3:  I am trying not to think about the fact that Kyle will be leaving in a little over a week.  It has been so GREAT to have him at home.  When the kids call, he will comment, "Didn't they already call you this week?"  Kyle has a habit of calling every Sunday evening--which I love, but now he's thinking he needs to call more often.  I told him he can call whenever he wants to ; )


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Will you be going to conference as well?

Great way to prepare.

Connie said...

I hadn't even thought about conference. Now would be the time to prepare. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

There are lots of things coming up in your family. Take care of your wrist. Hope you can get back to running soon.

carolyne b said...

Love your post Yvonne. General Conference, can't believe it's so close. I love the way you are preparing for it.
It was great to see you again at "C's" baby shower. Get well soon friend.

Heffalump said...

I need to be better about preparing myself for conference.
We have Stake Conference this weekend, and Jeffrey R. Holland is going to be there. At first I was really excited about it, but now we have heard that a lot of people from different Stakes in the area are planning to go so they can see him, and the stake center is barely big enough to fit those of us that are supposed to be there. So now I am dreading it.

CB said...

I like to listen to the Conference talks now on my phone or on my Kindle. It is so nice to be able to do that. Although I think reading them is necessary as well to jot notes etc...
Exciting about your grandson!! Everyone is "Catching The Wave!".

Annie Payne said...

We asked to be put on the list for tickets to attend GC. I hope we get them. (Fingers crossed!)

Lana said...

are you going to conference too?

I need to start getting ready. I usually try to read all the talks from the last conference the month before the new one...that's almost now!

Nancy Face said...

I feel sheepish admitting that I don't prepare for Conference at all. But I love every minute of watching it!

The dogs' message is hilarious!

Zach's call should arrive any time. I am nervous about where he might be sent!