Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christmas IS Coming

YES, you read the title right!!!  We are 101 days until Christmas.  Now why is that significant??? Because I have decided to do a 100 Day Challenge and I want to end right before Christmas, so I need to start today.   Here on the blog, I have written about 30 day challenges, and I have even done a couple.   I think I'm ready for a 100 Day Challenge--maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment or I miss those on-line challenges I've done before.  When I first did the 30 day challenge, I only did two or three.  This will  force me to JUST KEEP GOING!!!   If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I am a list maker.  So I have my list of goals.

I am not going to put my goals here because some are very personal.  I will just say that they include physical fitness, spiritual, and personal.  I will tell you that one of them does involve one treat a day (scary because during that 100 days there will be Halloween, and i am one who has to buy Halloween candy a couple of times if I buy it too early ; )  There will also be Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving--yes, we celebrate both, and, of course, all that Christmas baking!!!

I was going to add a goal to practice 15 minutes a day, but I really can't do it with my left wrist ; (  So that will be one for another time!!!  So wish me luck.

Now, speaking of Christmas, I have already started my Christmas shopping.  Yippee!!!

SIDENOTE #1:  It is starting to feel like fall and I love everything about Fall.  The temps, the colors, the smells, making and eating soups, etc.   I can't wait for the trees to start turning.  (I still miss our big beautiful pine tree.)

SIDENOTE #2  I went for my first physical therapy appointment on Wednesday and I asked her why the outside of my wrist is still so painful.  She explained about the bones lining up, etc., and then said, "He did tell you that you broke your wrist in two places, didn't he?"  Now before you think that it was wrong of him not to tell me, let me say, my hearing isn't the greatest.  He very well, could have told me and I just didn't hear him.  I only heard about the inside part of my wrist where the bad break was.  She also explained that it broke at the joint and the reason they waited to permanently cast it was to be sure it didn't move.

She also told me it might not look the same after I'm done.  I told her, no problem, I am not a wrist model ; )  However, when I take off the tensor bandage and realize the things I can't do, it is somewhat discouraging.  Then again, IT'S JUST MY WRIST.  I have friends who are dealing with so much more!!!!

SIDENOTE #3:  Heidi and Brent ran a 5K this morning, and they were amazing.  Heidi finished in 22:30 and Brent finished in 24:50.  I can't believe it!!!  I ran 5 miles today and won't tell you how long it took me!!!

SIDENOTE #4:  My missionary grandson is doing fabulous in the MTC.  He is loving it.  I love reading his e-mails and seeing the pictures.  Here is one with his District and their teacher.


Nancy Face said...

I started my Christmas shopping too, hooray! It sure is easier on the budget to spread it out over a few months' time! Oh, how I love those Amazon Wish Lists my kids make!

My wrist was a painful, weak, skinny mess when the cast came off. I couldn't imagine that it would ever come close to its former strength. But over time it got better and better! It's not as flexible as it was before the nasty break, but hey! I can do pushups!

ShEiLa said...

My wrist wasn't broken... My injury was December 19 and I still have pain and it isn't as strong as it used to be. Good luck with your therapy.

Lana said...

can't believe it's only 101 days away!

Heffalump said...

That means there are only 105 days until my baby is due!
I have a goal to get all my shopping done early so I can be relaxed and ready when the baby comes. I have already started, but the bulk of it will be at the beginning of November when we get three paychecks instead of two.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I should be making soups right now because it is so cold.

I look forward to reading how your challenge is going.

Heidi said...

Yay for Christmas:) You are amazing mom--always setting good goals--always inspiring me! You are tough--keep hanging in there with your wrist--I LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Betty said...

You're so amazing when you do your challenges! I'm such a slacker... or slug... you pick. :)

I had to text Flynn last night and say, "Ummm... I hope there's money in the account. I just bought 2 Christmas presents!" He was excited (because they were 50% off)! Let's get it done early!

Good luck with your therapy! I'm sure it will help!

Sheri said...

That scares me... I'm not ready! Maybe it's because I am not a list maker! :) Maybe that should be my goal! make a list everyday!