Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yes, I know we are coming up on Valentine's Day and I am talking about Thanksgiving, but there just hasn't been time to do these posts.

I was excited to have the opportunity to head to Utah for a couple of days before Kyle and I took a road trip to California together.   Actually, it was more like 1 day ; )  Kyle picked me up late Sunday night.  I spent a good part of Monday running errands.  I did meet up with Brent in the afternoon so we could have In-N-Out together.  I also tried to get a bunch of gift cards for the kids for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  That evening, I met up with the kids at Zupas for dinner.  And then after we headed to the movies to see The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire.  Absolutely loved it.  Allan and I had already seen it, but I loved seeing it again.  Brent and I headed out to do some grocery shopping and then we both went to the late showing of The Saratov Approach--wow, what a movie.

The next morning, Kyle and I packed up for our trip.  I just have to share our crazy "cooler".  I couldn't find one at my sister-in-laws, so this was the second best thing.  It did serve it's purpose and kept the little things we had cold.

We had a great time in California.  We got there Tuesday night.  Wednesday the kids were home from school and we basically just hung out.  That night we went to see Frozen.  We loved it.  Such a cute movie.

The meal on Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I loved the little turkey Hannah and Drew put together.   We were to write the things we are thankful for and put them in the turkey.

I have to say, Stephen does make a beautiful turkey.  It was a wonderful meal--and, as always, I ate way too much.  But, it was worth every calorie.

Here are the lovely ladies.

Stephen, Daphne, and Kyle went to the mall to do a little black Friday shopping.  I wasn't really interested.  

On Friday we went mini golfing.  We had such a fun time--I have decided I am the world's worst mini golfer.  (If I am ever on the Price is Right, that is the one game I hope I don't have to play ; )  It was a fun course that was all decorated Disney style for Christmas.

After golfing we went out for Sushi.  Kiah had been working but met us there.  (Note to self--in pictures, don't wear the reflective running jacket ; )

After that Daphne, Kiah, and I went shopping for the baby shower that was being held the next day for my Jason's girlfriend.    It was a really cute shower--her sister really did a great job decorating and all the little extras were so cute.

My granddaughter, Kiah, worked very hard to make the little "cigars"--very clever.

They had everyone make a little onesie for the baby.  This was my granddaughter Hannah's.

I think Georgia had a great time being with all the girls.

Someone made one of the cutest gifts.  I have seen diaper cakes, but never a diaper train.

I think baby Jack is all set.  Their family and friends were very generous.  I love this little SF Giants that Daphne made for them.

While I was there, the weather was lovely.  Stephen and Drew played a little catch with the football--so fun to get these shots.

While I was there they taught Kyle and I how to play Pit.  (I have to say my favorite part of playing Pit is hearing Georgia say, "The market is now open".

I have to include one little picture of my roommate.  I hated to say goodbye to this little girl:

We got up Sunday morning and headed for Utah.  The drive was fine--no issues, except when we would stop at the gas station.  Yes, they were VERY busy!

I spent most of Monday running more errands--thank goodness I had Kyle's car ; )  Heidi came by to pick up a couple of things in the afternoon.  She was going to keep Brent's Christmas gifts that were not coming to Winnipeg, so that he could have them when he got home.  It was easier saying goodbye to her because I knew I would see her a few weeks later.

Monday night I did some shopping for Kyle and then took everything to him.   He drove me to my hotel.  I had decided to stay close to the airport, so no one would have to drive me to the airport early Tuesday morning.  I guess I picked the WORST HOTEL IN ALL OF SALT LAKE CITY.  I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.  First clue--when I went to hang up my jacket, no closet.  Second, when I decided to call the front desk--no phone.  I was very happy when the morning arrived and I could catch my shuttle to go to the airport!

It was a GREAT trip, but I have to admit I was ready to see my cute little husband!!!!