Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy January and February

If I don't do this 2 months at a time, we'll be here FOREVER!!!

There's really not too much to write about for January.  It was fairly quiet EXCEPT FOR MY BIRTHDAY.  The fun thing was when I saw this on my heart rate monitor:

For my birthday, Allan gave me a trip to California in hopes that I could see my newest grand grandson when he was born.  It was crazy because he was quite late.  Fortunately, Allan was able to change my flight so I would be able to be there for the birth of my little Jack Henry.

I worked really hard on his blanket, but I didn't finish it until after I got home, so I had to put it in the mail.

Before I left for California, I had finished this blanket for my little great grandson in Texas.  I have to admit, it is one of my all-time favorites.  I loved the pattern and was so thrilled with how it turned out.

I spent a lot of time crocheting.  While I was in California, I had some yarn with me and when Georgia saw it, she loved it, so I decided to crochet a little blanket for her.  She loves it--and it is such a fun pattern.

One of the fun things we did in February was go to the Lego movie.  I absolutely loved it, and one day for my 365 project, I decided to put together a fun little Lego shot.

Another shot I used for my project, was this one of a Gerbera daisy.  I really liked it. 

Sidenote #1:  This weekend is our tri-stake youth Conference.  I will be helping Allan with his presentation.  He always does such an awesome job!!!  I know the kids will love hearing him.  

Sidenote #2:  Can I just say I really have a problem with people who lie!!!