Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September

Decided posting on September 1 is a GREAT day to start the Fall off right

It has been a fabulous summer.  So many fun things--trips to see most of the kids.  As always it has gone much too fast.

It is going to be an exciting Fall.  Lots of changes.  I will just mention one for now.  Next week I am going to be teaching Seminary again.  I have been busy being trained because I am not doing early morning Seminary, and no, not release time Seminary.  I am teaching online Seminary.  A whole new experience for me--lots to learn.  I realize how little I knew about the computer--I know more, but still not all I should know, but I guess I will learn along the way.

Yesterday I had to let the Bishop know I could not continue teaching Gospel Doctrine and Seminary--just too much.  I have taught Gospel Doctrine for 4 years and have loved each and every minute of it.  I will miss it, but I know I just could not do both.

I am excited about being back in Seminary.  I have 14 or 15 students--they have not all registered so we will see how many end up registering.  Our course of study is the Doctrine and Covenants.  Do you know I LOVE THE DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS AND CHURCH HISTORY!!!!  I know I would have been a lousy pioneer--there would have been a song all about me and my murmuring, and I know there is a reason I was born in the 50's--the 1950's that is ; )

Allan and I were in Nauvoo this past August and had a chance to go to the Pageant.  Wow, it was incredible.  We ran into one of the men he knows from trucking who was heavily involved in the Pageant and shared so much information--we loved listening to him and his wife.  As we watched the pageant,  turned to Allan and said, "I have no doubt you would have been friends with the Prophet Joseph."

We also had a chance to go to the Nauvoo temple.  Unfortunately, my laptop is down, so I am having to use this old picture off of my FB album ; (  When my laptop gets back I'll substitute one I took while we were there this last time.  Part of the reason we went down to Nauvoo was so I could get ready for this year's Seminary course of study.

That is always such a choice experience.  BTW, when we were watching the Pageant, we sat next to a couple who has been to all but 6 temples in the United States and has been to every temple in Utah.   (Now unlike us he has done temple work in all of them.  We always "count" visiting as long as we stand on the grounds.   I should add here the importance of going to and check out if the temple is open before you go and plan to do a session.  Can you believe we missed Provo and Logan--both were closed when we were attending ; (   Logan was the temple where Allan was endowed some 52 years ago.

We did have a chance to do a session at the the Brigham City Temple--absolutely beautiful.   This summer we added Monticello, Ogden, and Payson.)  I wish the Ogden temple open house had been held while we were there.  But we'll get a chance to go another time.

We also had a chance to visit the family in Indiana.  Love getting a chance to see the little ones--they grow way, way too fast.  And, it was wonderful to spend time with the rest of the family, too.

And, of course, while we were in Utah, we spent time with Heidi and Daniel, Brent, and Kyle.

Kyle was here in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks and left last Friday to go back to Utah.  Goodness I miss that boy ; )  I think this was the shortest trip he made over a summer and it definitely felt like it.  I am counting the sleeps until I get to Utah so we can take our annual trip to Cali for Thanksgiving.


Nancy Face said...

Online Seminary? Wow, that's pretty amazing! You'll be wonderful, of course!

I love all your beautiful temple photos!

Heffalump said...

That sounds like a fun calling! We start Seminary on the 8th. My third son is totally not a morning person so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Glad you got so many fun visits in this summer!

Neal said...

I didn't realize you were still teaching Gospel Doctrine - that's just crazy! ; ) I also didn't connect the Nauvoo trip to the upcoming Seminary course-of-study. Well done!!