Monday, September 15, 2014


I have just completed my first week of online seminary and thought I would write a little bit about it.
It has been a fabulous experience.  Yes, time consuming, but worth every minute.  When I was first called, and told I would be teaching once a week, I thought "Wow, that will be different than early morning, and a whole lot easier."  NOT QUITE!

I spent a great deal of July and August being trained, and I am sure grateful for the training.

In case you are not familiar with online seminary, let me explain a couple of things.  It is for youth who live too far from a building to drive in to go to a daily class.   So they are to go to the website and do a daily class provided by the Church.  It goes right along with what the students in regular classes are learning.  Each lessons should take from 35 - 45 minutes and includes a devotional and lesson.  Part of the lesson may include a question for them to submit for a grade and/or a class discussion question.  They can do the lessons anytime they choose during the day and in some cases may need to do it a couple of days later--depending on their schedules.  The goal is to have them have a "daily seminary experience" and not to cram the lessons in at the end of the week.

I am also to do the lessons myself which helps me to understand what they are learning, and then I "grade" their submissions and participate in the class discussions.  I am amazed at the depth of these students.   Their testimonies come through beautifully in their comments.  I am quickly becoming a great supporter of the online program.

Once a week we have an online class using video conferencing.  That gives me a chance to see their smiling faces and to hear them.  We also communicate via the website and email and I've even been on the phone with them.

The majority of the students are from my Stake, but not all of them.  I have a couple from the District.  I have 15 who are registered. Some are returning students, but quite a few are first year students.

It is going to be an exciting year.  I will miss having treats with the kids.  The first video class we had, I was going to have a display of brownies and tell them I was sorry that they couldn't enjoy them with me, but I didn't.  This week I have told them that in one of the videos they will watch in their classes there is a quick shot of the temple where my husband and I were married.  I told them I will send a candy bar to the first one who can send me a note identifying the temple ; )  I just want to encourage them to pay close attention.  I also found a great handout to send them encouraging them to prepare themselves to attend  General Conference.

I will definitely miss teaching Gospel Doctrine.  But I know that with every calling there will one day be a release.  I know I will learn a great deal teaching Seminary and working with these youth.

Sidenote 1:  Had a great time out in Kenora fishing last week.  I could kick myself that I didn't bring the pocket camera to take pictures.  Allan with his tiny walleye would have been a classic.  And every fish I caught had to be thrown back--too small ; (  We still had great fun.  The fish is in the freezer and will be cooked next Monday night for the missionaries.

Sidenote 2:  Happy to report that Allan's "stroke" which was discovered during an emergency room visit was apparently an "old stroke" and nothing to really be too concerned about.  I knew Allan was concerned because he actually stopped traveling until he had his appointment with the Stroke clinic. And I must admit I am still concerned ; )  And, of course, those the kids that really know me know it was weighing heavily on me.   (Very grateful I had lots to keep me busy)  But, as always, I sure appreciated their calls checking in on him and making sure I was handling it all okay.

There will be follow-up appointments to determine why he had the original stroke, although they probably will never be able to determine when he had it.  We just want to make sure he doesn't have another one.


Lana said...

How fun! The kids are lucky to have you! Seminary teacher is on my bucket list of callings to have :) ....but not gospel doctrine that one is scary!

carolyne b said...

I couldn't imagine anyone but you to teach online Seminary. Your love of the Gospel shines through.

Heffalump said...

That sounds like a fun calling!
Also I am glad that Allan is okay, and I hope that there are no more strokes down the line.

Nancy Face said...

Your students are blessed to have you!

I hope all goes well with Allan's health, and I hope that the stroke he suffered (whenever it was that it happened) did not leave him with any serious damage.

Love you! ♥

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I bet you are a wonderful Seminary teacher! That would be so motivating to keep you on your Scriptural toes.

Glad Alan is doing ok. Saying a prayer for both of you.

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Betty said...

I have been away from the blogging world for too long! I love that you are teaching online! For me, who has almost always lived around 'release time' seminary, early morning and online seminary is intriguing and interesting. Where almost all kids take release time around here, a lot don't appreciate it. I am sure your kids are a little more invested in their seminary experience! You are simply awesome!
I didn't know Allan had a stroke! I am glad that he is doing okay! Hugs to both of you!

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