Tuesday, September 29, 2015

For Journaling Purposes

There are many reasons my journal is important to me:  first and foremost TO HELP ME REMEMBER!!!!  I try to write every day, and actually in my one journal I have written every day since January 1st--I have done it in conjunction with the Book of Mormon 365 reading.  I try to write my answers to the questions that are posted with the reading, and it has been a great thing for me.  Quite often it seems I can only get that done, and not all the writing about everything else going on in our lives.  And believe me there has been lots going on.

I started training for this year of online Seminary.  There were some major changes that required a lot of work, but we are into our 4th week of classes and things are running--not smoothly, but they are running.  Unfortunately there have been some major glitches.  I am hopeful they will get ironed out.

Allan was called to be a counsellor to the Mission President in our mission, and I have been called as a Service Missionary.  It has been different for me.  I love writing talks (because I always learn so much), but there have been a lot of talks for me to give--at least more than I usually give in a year, and we've only been serving for almost 2 months.  There have been some great experiences.  We love our Mission President and his wife, and our senior couples are all fabulous.  Allan has been asked to work specifically with the District, which is about 4 - 6 hours away.  So we usually head out of town on Saturday afternoon so we don't have to leave home at 4 in the morning to get to Church on time! One of the highlights for me is we get to see some of my Seminary students who live in the District.
Most of the time when we go to visit a unit we have a chance to on Saturday night to have dinner with the missionaries serving there.  That is a real treat.

Also we recently had a chance to attend a Winnipeg Zone Conference with the missionaries in this area and a visiting authority.  It was wonderful.

I could go on and on about the things we are enjoying about this calling.  We get to visit with the new missionaries when they come in to the Mission, and I have loved being with the ones who are getting ready to go home--especially those who I remember when they first came out.  It is so amazing to see the growth and be there when they bear their testimonies that last time as a missionary.

We continue to serve in the temple, and we love doing that.  Our current temple President and his wife will be released in November--we have loved spending time with them.  He was the Stake President in our adjoining Stake so we knew them pretty well.  Our former Mission President from 6 years ago will be the new Temple President.  We love them and will enjoy seeing them  on a more regular basis.

I don't think I wrote about the wonderful opportunity I had to meet up with a couple of my cousins back in August.  We connected on Ancestry and when I found out they would be in South Dakota for a wedding I suggested to Allan that we drive there to see them.  It worked out GREAT, and it was so fun to connect.

SIDENOTE:  Allan will not be going down to General Conference.  I am glad he will be home, but I am sad he will not be there with our 3 kids who are there, and 1 of our grandchildren who is going in for his mission reunion.  It will definitely be an historic conference.  (I will certainly miss Elder Perry, Elder Packer, and Elder Scott!!!!)