Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reunion 2016, Etc.

So grateful I had a few days with Heidi, Brent, and Kyle while I was in Utah before the reunion.  It was a packed few days, but I loved every minute of it.

I left Winnipeg on Monday--the day was long with lots of layovers, and I was grateful when I finally touched down in Salt Lake City.  Kyle had called me ahead of time and wanted me to be sure and prepare myself to see Heidi.  I asked Allan to give me a blessing on Monday morning before we went to the airport, so I could be ready--and I am so glad I did.  When we got to Bev's, and I went in and woke up Heidi.   Surprisingly I was okay when I saw her.  

Tuesday was a busy day.  Heidi and I went to Michaels to get her yarn so I could teach her how to crochet.  I was hoping that would help her stay busy and make a nice warm blanket for Daniel for Christmas.  I really should have scheduled a whole lot more time--hopefully she will find someone in Utah who can help her!

Tuesday night the boys and I went to see "Now You See Me 2".  (Allan and I had already seen it, but the boys hadn't.  I don't think Kyle liked it as much as I did ; )

Wednesday, I went to the Provo temple and then the kids met me and we did our photo reenactment. Too fun.  I still laugh when I think about it.

Wednesday night Kyle brought sushi for Brent and I from the place where he delivers--it was quite yummy.  Daniel couldn't have it because the place is not really gluten-free.  They could make gluten-free sushi but they were not certain of cross-contamination, and Daniel is a little too sensitive if he eats something with gluten. 

Thursday morning I took Kyle to the airport for his internship in San Francisco,  and then I met up with a friend I hadn't seen since we graduated from high school.  Actually I may have seen her at our 20 year reunion, but I don't remember!   We had a great lunch and it was so fun playing catch up.

On Friday I got up bright and early and headed to Mt. Timp to go to the temple.  I hate to admit this but I used the GPS on my phone and got lost!!!!  I put in the address and didn't notice that the phone put in the city as Pleasant Grove and not American Fork.  As I was driving, I kept thinking "this doesn't feel right"--I WONDER WHY!!!!

I had a bunch of errands to run to get ready for our dinner that we were responsible for Friday night at our reunion!  The house where we stayed was amazing.  It was great when all the kids started arriving.   I was pretty excited about finally getting to meet our little great-granddaughter Katelyn. What a little doll she is.  I had seen pictures, but it was GREAT to finally get a chance to hold her.  And there were so many others I hadn't seen in what felt like ages.  For whatever reason, we don't skye with most of these families very often.

I know it had only been a few days since I had left Allan in Winnipeg, but I was pretty happy to see him.  I needed him and was glad he was there!!!!  He had stopped to pick up B from BYU Idaho.  (His little girlfriend spent some time with us, and it was glad to meet her.)

The family time was great.  I was very glad Heidi and Daniel were able to make it there.  I know it was very difficult for Heidi to be there--sitting and watching everyone eat and not being able to eat would have been pure torture for me!   Had a great dinner--tri tip sandwiches and fruit salad.  Quite delicious if I do say so myself!!!!

The little ones had a great time playing together.  They all got along so well.  Each of them have their own personalities, and it was fun to watch them interact.  Some of them have spent lots of time together but some hadn't.  I have to admit it does make me sad that I don't live closer and don't get to see them very often.

Saturday morning we headed to Park City.  Of course, I couldn't help but think about the 2002 reunion when we were there before--such great memories.  The family was smaller, but that was such a great trip!  It was a little warm, but it seemed like everyone had a great time.  Most of the parents did quite well with their little ones.  I remember the days when our kids were that little--not always easy to try and juggle, but you just do it.  I didn't ride the Alpine slide but absolutely loved the coaster--much more my thing!

The Indiana gang fixed a fabulous dinner when we got back to the house--French toast and bacon. Evan and Scarlett have chickens and they brought their eggs.   It was fantastic.  Allan's two sisters came up to see the place and to see everyone. 

On Sunday morning we got up to go to Church.  We got ready and headed to the building and the place was packed, now this had never happened to us--it turned out it was Stake Conference--and it didn't start for 30 minutes.  We decided to go home and have our own little meeting.  Neal did a great job of putting it together.  He had little family history coloring books for the kids and that helped keep them entertained.  The meeting was extra special because little Katelyn was blessed.  Such a special moment. 

We had a celebration for Allan for Father's Day.  It was great and I know he loved every minute of it.  Neal had worked very hard to put a little video together for him.  It was wonderful.  

Later in the day the kids played in the water outside.  Between water balloons and a hose, they seemed to have a ball.  (I think about how much fun they had and compare it to taking them to Seven Peaks--frankly, I think they had more fun here!!!!)  These two guys were too funny with the balloons especially the one in blue.  He would walk to the edge of the grass and DROP HIS BALLOON!!!  

They all loved the hose!  

That night, Neal's gang made dinner.  It was so delicious.  They made chicken and steak fajitas.  They were so good.  Everyone enjoyed them.  Some of the family began leaving.  Heidi and Daniel left after the Father's Day celebration.  We took B to the airport so he could catch a shuttle to BYU-I, and Darren had to fly out as well.

On our way home we stopped at Bridal Veil falls.  It was so incredibly hot that putting our feet in the cold creek was FABULOUS.  I am not one for having my feet cold, but it felt pretty good.  The picture of little L just amazes me--that girl is fearless and quite coordinated!!!!

Tuesday morning we headed up to the temple.  Neal had some family names to do and it was wonderful to be in the temple together.  We then met up with some of the family for breakfast before Allan and I went to Salt Lake for a couple of appointments.  I love Magelby's but have to admit because of our lunch appointment a little later, I would have been better off with a bowl of fruit!

We love whenever we have a chance to meet with these two.   After we got in the car I was shocked that we had been gone for so long--it felt like we had only been together for a few minutes!!!

So all in all it was a great trip.  We definitely missed those who weren't able to be at the reunion.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I think most of us love being together.  We have already started talking about the next one.  Allan and I have started looking around for places.   We figure two years should be perfect!  I have got some ideas up my sleeve of things that might be fun.   It's always hard to make it work for everyone, but we sure hope we can find a time where everyone will be there. We've only been able to do it one other time and that was Hawaii.  (That will only happen if we all swim over and camp on the beach ; )  

We have lived here in Winnipeg for twenty years.  For most of the that time, I have not felt like it really was so hard being apart.  It is really hard these days.  So many of the little ones I don't know very well and I hate it.  Maybe we need to do more trips to the individual families and spend time kind of one on one!

By the way, my greatest hope for our next reunion is HEIDI IS HEALTHY AND STRONG!!!!