Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Last Few Months

It has been a busy few months.  A little breakdown of what has been going on--all for journaling purposes.  I do keep a journal, but at least this way it is all right here in one spot!!!!
  • Seminary started in September and our class is GREAT.  We have youth from 5 Wards and 4 branches.  We had District Conference a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful to meet up with 8 of our students.  And then the next weekend we had Stake Conference and we only had 4 of our boys there--not sure where the rest of them were.
  • Had a great visit to Indiana and Michigan to see some of the kids.  (I am finding it harder and harder to be away from family.)
    Finally had a chance to meet this little guy. Such a cutie!!!  The visit was short but we had a wonderful time.  Funny when we went to Church on Sunday, a friend in Toronto told me someone who lives there said they saw us at Church but never got to speak to us when they were visiting their family in Indiana!  Small world.

Also had a chance to spend time with these guys.  Always great fun.
Must admit, sometimes I feel REALLY, REALLY far away. Texting, email, facebook may be enough for some, but not for me!!!!


After stopping in Indiana and before heading to Chicago, we made a stop in Michigan to visit Heidi and Daniel.  They seem to be doing great.  We are so happy that Heidi is feeling better.
  • The mission is great.  I love when they have the new missionaries come in and we have a dinner and they all bear their testimonies.  They are so excited.  And then the next night the ones who are going home come in for a dinner and they bear their testimonies.  This happens every six weeks, and it is such a fabulous couple of days.  I love these missionaries and can only imagine how hard it is for President and Sister Craig to say goodbye to them.  (By the way, we sure love the Craigs!) 
  • The elder on the right went home last transfer, and he will certainly be missed.   Allan and I spoke Sunday night at a Mission Fireside with the elder on the left.  He will be leaving this week, and we will miss him.  It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to serve with these great elders and sisters.
These are the Senior Missionaries we serve with. They are amazing, and I admire and love each of them all so much and have learned a great deal from their wonderful examples.

  • We continue to love serving in our temple in Regina.  I must admit I am pretty tired after our weekend there, but it is such a great experience.  A couple of months ago we stayed a little longer at the temple on Saturday and had dinner with President and Sister Paulson.    
  • I don't think I wrote on the blog about the the Winnipeg Temple.  No groundbreaking yet, but at least things are happening.   I guess who could have gone to the property and posted a picture of the vacant land, but I think I will wait and post a picture of the groundbreaking--WHENEVER THAT HAPPENS.
  • And in September our newest great grandson was born--Everett.  I actually typed "little Everett", but believe me, HE IS NOT LITTLE. He weighed 10 pounds 8 ounces!!!!  I had an Uncle Everett, so I love the name.  I am definitely looking forward to meeting him in November.
I am bound and determined to do a better job of journaling and blogging.  There will be much happening over the next couple of months, so I should have plenty of good stuff to post.

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