Friday, June 16, 2017


When I was first thinking about this post, I thought about the fact that I hadn't been to Disneyland since 1997 or 1998.  Now I had been to Disneyworld--Allan had some trucking meetings in Florida in October 2002, and I went while he was busy.

I had been wanting to go for some time, so when Kiah's graduation was going to be in Pasadena, I figured it was the PERFECT opportunity.  Kyle wanted to be there for Kiah's graduation so it worked out perfectly--well, except for his getting sick on the Sunday he was going to drive home--more about that later.

We drove to Anaheim from Pasadena and fortunately the hotel wasn't being a stickler about the fact that our reservation didn't begin until that day.  We parked the car, put our stuff in our room and then took the shuttle to Disneyland.

We went through all the security at the park and then met up with Daphne and the gang, and we were off and running.  Big change to me was that you could bring food into the park--that was always a no-no.  Worked well.  The kids all had backpacks and carried trail mix, and other snacks.  I was glad I got the Disney app, but wished I got have experimented with it before I got there.  (It doesn't work in Canada ; (

I can't remember the order we rode, but I'm pretty sure first up was Pirates of the Caribbean--we were laughing wishing we had been a few days earlier when Johnny Depp was actually there!!!

We also went on:  Autopia, Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours, and Space Mountain.

OH AND YES, WE DID HAVE A DOLE WHIP!!!!  (It was the $9 corn dog that just about did me in ; )

It ended up being a short day for Kyle--after we road Space Mountain, both Kyle and I were a little nauseous--I never get sick on rides, but for whatever reason it seemed very jerky.  Not only that, my back was killing me.  We rode the shuttle back to the hotel.

After a bit of a rest Kyle drove me back and then he went and got dinner.  Met up with Daphne and the kids.  We road a few of the "kiddie" rides which I loved--Peter Pan's Flight (which I had never been on (I road with Georgia and it was so fun), Mad Tea Party (as long as no one "spun it" I was fine, Alice in Wonderland,

We didn't stay for the parade, but we watched parade as we were riding the rides.  It was fun.

Next day it was off to California Adventure--May 19  Oh, I can see why everyone loves it.  I think one of the first things we did was ride Soaring over the World.  Wow, did I love that.  (As always I had the sweaty palms, but it was so cool.  Wish we had planned it better--I would have loved to ride it again)

One of my favorite memories of that day was riding the Cars Ride with Kyle.  He seemed to know EXACTLY where the camera was--his hair was perfect and mine was ACROSS MY FACE!!!  I still laugh when I look at the picture.  As always, I just loved watching the little faces (and the big ones) of my grandkids.

These brave kids took me with them to ride California Screamin'.  It seemed like it was close whenever we were going to go ride but all of a sudden it was OPEN and I ran over to meet them.  IT WAS A BLAST!!!

One of the last rides we rode was Grizzly Falls--sad that it was not during the heat of the day.  It was great fun, but boy did we get soaked.

Before we left to go back to our hotel we went to Downtown Disney and had pizza.  I'll be honest my little mind was computing how much money must be spent in one day at all three locations, especially when the following day there was a sign that read "Disneyland is closed--it has reached its capacity"  I understand the capacity is 100,000 people.  So 100,000 people times about $100 is $10 million.  YIKES.  Of course, I couldn't fathom what their utility bill would be in one day!!!


In the late morning, Kyle and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy II--he hadn't seen it yet.  Third time for me ; )  After the movie, we headed to the Honda Center.

A couple of years ago Kyle and I went to our first NHL game in Winnipeg.  That was so much fun. So when Kyle found out the Ducks were playing the Predators in the NHL Conference finals, we got tickets.  Now, because the Ducks beat the Jets in a play off game a couple of years ago, we couldn't cheer for the Ducks!!!    One thing we forgot--hockey arenas are cold and we didn't bring sweaters, but thankfully being in the cheap seats was definitely a plus--it wasn't cold that high up!!!!

Our trips home were definitely EVENTFUL.  Kyle got up on Sunday morning and felt awful.  He had to drive me to the airport--let me re-phrase that.  I had to do the driving, he was too sick to drive.  And when we finally got to the airport and I was pulling up to have him drop me off, he said, "Mom, you gotta park the car--I'm going to be sick."  So into the parking lot I went and left him as I ran in to get through security and to the gate.  Well that was not necessary.  My plane was going to depart about 30 minutes late, and then we sat on the tarmac forever.  I got off my plane in Minneapolis and ran to the gate and the plane had already left.  Had to get a hotel (with no bags)

In the meantime Kyle sat in the parking lot until he stopped getting sick and then took off.  He made it as far as Barstow and had to get a hotel.

Not a great ending to our trip, but IT WAS WORTH IT!

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Neal said...

I am SO GLAD you had an awesome time. What fun!! That place sure is a lot of fun...