Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kyle's Graduation

Very nostalgic as the last child graduates from BYU.  I am happy that we don't have to worry about BYU tuition any more, but I will be sad not not have a child there.

We left on April 21st and headed for Utah.  Lots of snow in the mountains going through Bozeman.

When we drove through Idaho Falls we realized they were having the Open House for the rededication of the temple, so WHY NOT!  We stopped and went through, and it was beautiful.  The murals had been restored--we were so impressed

First stop when we got to Provo was See's Candy.  And yes, we got a pile!!!!

We met up with the boys for a late lunch.  So great to see them--even though it had only been a few months, it felt like it had been FOREVER.  

We then drove up to Bountiful to visit Priscilla and Richard.  It was so like old times, except we were in their beautiful new home.  We have been friends for years and we so love them.  I think we could have visited forever.  So much to get caught up with.  Only one thing would have made it better--if Richard and Allan could have grabbed a basketball and gone down to the Church and played a little HORSE!!!!  

Sunday night the boys came up and we all had dinner together.  Richard had to humour me and let me take some photos to make a little collage of him with the boys.  He delivered Brent back in 1985--by far the most spiritual delivery I ever had.  I don't think Richard could have picked Brent up today.

 And in 1991 he and Priscilla came to Brampton to visit, so they did a photo with his namesake then and another one on Sunday.

On Monday we headed out to go to Afton, Wyoming.  We had to make a quick stop to visit the Morgan's.  It is always fun to see them.  They fixed us a wonderful breakfast.  Goodness I love those people,

Let me just add here how incredibly grateful we are the wonderful people we have been blessed to have as friends.

The drive up to Afton was crazy--snow and more snow. We were a little concerned that we would not get back the next day, and, I am embarrassed to say we didn't have chains!!!

One of the things we wanted to do was drive up to Intermittent Springs.  Allan had read about it in USA Today a few months ago, so we figured while we were in Afton we would make the drive to see them.   Unfortunately the road was closed (I believe until May--like 3 or 4 days later!   Nowhere did I read that this was a possibility.

The site says:  ""The spring that breathes" - The Periodic spring is the largest of three intermittent springs in the world. From late August to May, the flow cycles on and off at regular, predictable intervals. The spring runs up to 100 cubic feet per second of clear, ice cold water for about 18 minutes. The water then begins to subside and gradually ceases altogether for 15-20minutes."  So wish we had a chance to see it!

We had dinner Monday night at the strangest Chinese restaurant.  At one point the waiter took away my silverware--I guess he figured I had eaten enough.  And then when the guy training him came out to help, he answered his phone and stood there on the phone right by our table!!!

Tuesday morning we went to the temple.  We figured it would be very much like our Winnipeg temple, and as far as we can tell, it probably will be.  The colors inside are beautiful--a lovely blue.  It is very small, but I have learned a long time ago, big or small you can do the same work in any of them.  We were so happy to attend.  

Only drawback to the photo--I think a beautiful sunny day because it would have been so much prettier with sunshine and blue skies.

When we got back to Provo on Tuesday night.  The kids came over and we played StockPile. Notice how Allan is concentrating on the game--no wonder he beat the rest of us!!!  Crazy but I can't remember getting anything to eat--AND THAT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

On Wednesday morning Allan had business up in Salt Lake so Kyle came and took me to the Provo Temple.   I wish I had kept track of how many times I have been to that temple.  I have had so many great experiences there.  One of my favorite things about attending in Provo--I always love when I see missionaries there!!!

On Wednesday night we went to Happy Sumo to celebrate Kyle's birthday.  Yes, it was earlier in the month, but we hadn't had a chance to celebrate together.  Fun times and good food.

After dinner we came back to our hotel and visited and then played "Head's Up". Best line of the evening, Brent was doing the category "Movies" and when the title came up, Kyle's description, "Worst movie ever. Pocahontas with blue people". Brent knew immediately "Avatar".  

Thursday was all about graduation.  Kyle was not jumping up and down to go to Commencement, but he humored us and went anyway.  I thought it was pretty wonderful that Heidi came.  It was important to her to be here for Kyle's graduation, and I know it meant a lot to him.  Brent was not able to be at Commencement, but was there for convocation get his diploma!  When we walked to the Marriott Center and all the flags are on display I was very disappointed because I couldn't find the Canadian flag, and I walked up and down a few times!!!!  Elder Holland presided and Elder Foster spoke.  I always wish I could take notes, but I love being able to just sit and listen.  I did appreciate when he said, "Never love anything that can't love you back"  A great thought!!!!

We went to Tucano's for dinner to celebrate.  It was delicious as always, but I ate way too much.  We had fun sharing memories of Kyle.  Because he is the youngest the kids had a great time sharing memories of when he was little.  They always have a GREAT time together.  I know Brent misses him not being in Utah.  (It is the first time Brent has lived there without any brothers or sisters there to visit with once in awhile)

Allan, Kyle, Brent, and I went to the movies to see "The Circle".  Not a great movie--reminded me in a lot of ways of Anti-Trust.

Friday was commencement.  I still laugh when I think of the "bat wings".  I had never seen them before, so we had to take this picture--too funny!

I love this picture of all the graduates!!!!  

I am so mad at myself for not getting the picture of them in front of the sign "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve", but this one will have to do.  So proud of all my little graduates!!!!  The best part--each of them are AMAZING.  They are superb adults and are some of the least judgmental people I know.  

Before we headed out of town we went to lunch at PF Chang's.  We kissed the kids goodbye and headed out of town.  It was a FANTASTIC trip!!!

SIDENOTE:  I may end up moving this so it will be in chronological order, otherwise one day when I am REALLY old I will wonder what it is doing after Kiah's graduation ; )

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