Saturday, July 8, 2017

Temple Trip

The Regina Temple is closed, so we decided to go on a trip to visit family and go to a few temples along the way.  Our schedule was a little crazy.  It was a lot of fun. I am one lucky woman to have a fabulous husband who is willing to drive anywhere.  He has energy that is far greater than mine.

I had spent the week getting things together because we had a busy weekend with the Seminary dinner/recognition night and then our trip out to Fort Frances on Sunday.  I felt ready and got up early so we could get on the road. 

We drove to Kansas City on Monday, June 26th.  Our MP had told Allan about a monument we might want to visit in Kansas City so after doing a little research we found it.  It is a monument to the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon.  

We got to our hotel and the next morning Allan had to go to the terminal dark and early, and then he picked me up and we headed to the Kansas City Temple.  One of the things we did as we were driving to each temple was read a little about the temple in this book by Chad Hawkins entitled,  "Temples of the New Millennium: Facts, Stories, and Miracles from the First 150 Temples"  The stories were great and we learned a little about each one.  

We spent quite a bit of time here at this temple--It was a wonderful experience.  It is such a beautiful temple.  

We had snacks in the car so when we finished at the temple, we drove off to St. Louis.  It was kind of fun because this was familiar territory--one of our boys lived in Missouri when he went to the University of Missouri at Columbia for school.

We had no idea the St. Louis temple was as big as it was.  It was another beauty.  Two things to notice--the arch in the waterfall ; )  And, isn't that steeple gorgeous!

After the temple, we went to I-Hop for Dinner.  Yes, I had breakfast and it was delicious!!!

We checked into our hotel and got to bed because we knew we had to get up early the next morning to make the long drive to Memphis.  It had been a number of years since we had been in Tennessee--actually Allan served his mission in Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  Many years ago we visited Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.  I know the humidity was a killer on this trip, but the great beauty of it all was wonderful lush green trees EVERYWHERE!!!  The foilage outside the temple was so pretty--love this magnolia "tree" or bush (I'm not sure).   Yes, the Memphis Temple is very similar to the Regina one, but I love the stone on this one.   There were different painting inside this temple--some I had never seen. When we went in one of the sisters told us that it was closing soon because of renovations, so I'm sure glad we got a chance to visit.  I love the South--southern hospitality is defnitely A VERY REAL THING!!!!

We got into the car and headed to Baton Rouge--lots of rain, but it was still a pretty drive.  I hadn't been to Louisiana since I graduated from high school.  My graduation gift to myself was a trip to Pensacola, Florida, to visit my sister who was there because her husband was stationed at the Naval Base.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but it was another beautiful temple.  The chairs in the Celestial Room had beautiful gold carvings.

We got up very early the next day to make the drive to Houston.

Thanks to our Garmin it took us FOREVER to get to Houston.  I had been trying to figure out a way to go and see the Astros play.  When we first came up with our itinerary, the Astros were not going to be in town, and then it turned out they were going to be playing the Oakland A's--PERFECT.

We finally arrived at the temple, but we were so late, I was afraid we wouldn't make a session at the San Antonio temple, so we just had enough time to go in and do some work and then go out and take some pictures.  The grounds were amazing.  The temple had so much character.  I was so glad we were there.

We got to the San Antonio temple a little early--I had the wrong time in my head.  We ended up going to our hotel and get checked in and then came back for the session.  We had been to the temple before but had never been inside.  WOW.  It was amazing.

SIDENOTE #1:  On the 24th of June we had our Seminary Recognition night.  I have to admit it was sad for me as I will not be teaching Seminary any more.  I have taught for 3 years and will miss it so much.  I have to do my best to keep up with studying--I love learning!!!!

SIDENOTE #2:  Had a dinner at the Mission home with missionaries who were going home.  Such a great group.


Lana said...

what an awesome tour!

I'm sorry you don't get to teach the Book of Mormon

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Wonderful trip!!!! Wow. That is faithful service right there. You're an example to everyone.

Neal said...

I forget how beautiful the Houston Temple is - with that spire!!