Monday, February 12, 2018


We are actually in our 2nd month of our mission--hard to believe.  That actually seems a little crazy.

(One day I will have to go back and write about our MTC experience.  It was amazing.  We laugh and jokingly tell people we may go on another mission just to have an opportunity to go to the MTC again!!!!

I have been sending notes to the family like the young missionaries do.  I'm really doing it as a journal more than anything else.  I have no doubt the family really is not that interested--after all we are kind of doing the same thing we have been doing.  Nothing exciting, we live in the same house, so to them it's just business as usual, but maybe when they are our age they will find it exciting or at least interesting ; )

There have definitely been a few experiences I don't want to forget and obviously lots of missionaries I don't want to forget.  These young people are absolutely amazing.  I appreciate their sacrifices and their examples.

One of the coolest things is how much more grateful I am for my sons and my grandson who have served.  I kind of feel differently about their sacrifice.  One of the things I feel bad about is that I should have written more handwritten notes--I see the faces of these missionaries when the come into the offie and I GIVE THEM ACTUAL MAIL.  Nothing takes the place of mail!

One of my favorite days is when there are transfers and the missionaries come together and get to see one another.  They love it, and although it is freezing outside, it is worth it to go out with my camera and capture their expressions.  They sure love one another.  

I love seeing the new missionaries come out and their excitement and anxiety and along the same lines the ones who are departing and their excitement and bit of anxiety as well.

I am still learning lots of things.  I realize I am "scared" of many things--several things are well out of my comfort zone, but I still have a few more months to go, so hopefully they'll get easier.  

And because I am me, I have to include some pictures.  Some from recently, some of them are older.

Can I just say I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY, AND I LOVE MY COMPANION.  The mission has been the perfect way for him to EASE ON INTO RETIREMENT.  



Neal said...

Hey - there are some people in the family that find the stories VERY interesting!!! ; )

carolyne b said...

You and Alan are a wonderful example of service. I am looking forward to retirement and the opportunity to go and serve the Lord for however long He needs me.